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The students who use essay writing services are the ones who feel overwhelmed. They do not want to be stressed out and they know that there is a better way out of their situation. Essays can be tough, but when you have help, they are much more manageable as well as fun too. Taking this one step at a time will lead them to a better future.

There are different types of essay writing services, but unemployed professors is one that has been helping students for years. It is a company that has been able to bridge the gap between the student and the professor. The company hires only educated writers who have a vast amount of experience in different fields. This ensures that they can handle any type of essay that a student may need help with.

The company has a very user-friendly website that makes it easy for students to order their essays. The process is very simple and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Once the order is placed, the writers get to work and the essay is delivered within the stipulated timeframe. The company has a money-back guarantee in case the student is not satisfied with the quality of work delivered.

The company has been able to help thousands of students who were struggling with their essays.

Who works at UnemployedProfessors?

UnemployedProfessors.com claims that its authors are unemployed university professors who work for them. I’ve heard that they hire unemployed university professors, and it sounds a little unbelievable to me. I’m not sure their writers are as highly qualified as they claim on their website. So, the key question is: are they real professors or students with little experience doing difficult tasks?  Is the quality of the services provided comparable to their scientific education? Let’s have a look at it together now. 

The great thing is that you may communicate with your writer directly! Not every service allows it.

Unfortunately, the site does not feature any live chat. You must send them an email with any queries. It takes about 2-4 hours for UnemployedProfessors.com to respond. I don’t think it’s appropriate that they should expect people to call them back, especially since they offer a live chat option on their website.

Paper Quality

I needed a 2-page essay on History. I settled for $17 per page. The writer was tasked with explaining why France quickly surrendered in the opening stages of World War II. Furthermore, the deadline was set at 14 days. Despite the fact that I submitted the final version of my task a few days early than planned, the essay’s quality was poor.

The major issue is that the author narrated the causes of France’s defeat in a chaotic manner, as well as provided incorrect dates. Furthermore, it was difficult for me to comprehend each passage. Local professors may be foreign nationals who have difficulty speaking English. There was no flow to my paper, and it was quite perplexing. No wonder why he’s unemployed if the thesis were truly written by an out-of-work professor.

What do people say about UnemployedProfessors?

The testimonials on UnemployedProfessors.com are quite positive. People say that the writers are professionals and that they have got their money’s worth. The general consensus is that the quality of work is average and not as impressive as advertised.

Some clients also say that the company has very high prices. I would tend to agree with that. The cheapest paper I ordered cost me $17 per page, which is quite expensive when compared to other services.

The company does not have any discounts or special offers for new and returning customers. This makes it difficult to recommend them to people who are looking for a good deal.

Also, I have checked what Redditors know about this company and found the following comments:

  • This type of business leads to negative reactions inside of the community. They find it extremely cynical for professors to help students with cheating.
  • I haven’t found protectors at all. It seems to be that the service is invisible to Reddit users.

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UnemployedProfessors is a legit writing service that offers essays for sale. The quality of work is average, and the prices are quite high. I would not recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal on their papers.

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