Ultius.com Review

Ultius is a well-known writing service that has been around for quite a while. Customer reviews, however, are not always positive. This review is aimed to help you understand whether or not you should trust Ultius and whether or not the quality of papers is worth the money spent.

Ultius homepage

A good thing about Ultius is that it has an easy to use website. You can quickly calculate the price of your order on the home page, and there you can also read all the necessary information on how this service works. The home page will probably provide you with answers to any questions you might have when making an order.

You can also apply for a job as a writer. The company claims that it only hires 6% of people who submit their resumes. I didn’t apply so I can’t say whether it’s true or not. You can also easily contact writers and assistants. The website makes a nice first impression, but honestly, I’ve seen better.

This company connects customers with freelancers. It offers a variety of services. For instance, you can order custom academic and business writing, as well as editing and proofreading. Ultius was founded in 2010. It has customers from more than 50 countries, more than 1,500 writers, and about 40 staff members. The company is located in Los Angeles. Boban Dedovic, the CEO of Ultius, claims that high-quality writing services and top-notch customer support are the company’s main priorities.

My Story

I have to say that my personal experience with Ultius was rather terrible. I decided to order a research paper but I didn’t expect that ordering it on this website would be the worst idea. First, this paper cost me a lot of money. Secondly, they failed to deliver my paper on time. The quality was nice, but given that the paper was delivered too late, it was absolutely useless.

Last but not least, these guys refused to make a refund. Well, they made a partial refund, but I still couldn’t get all my money back. A fun thing about this order is that my writer had enough time so I don’t understand why he failed to deliver my paper on time. I think that timely delivery must be the top priority for any writing service. If you get a good paper but you get it too late, the quality will no longer matter.

Given that my experience with this service was so bad, I can’t recommend it. When writing this review, I even realized that it’s difficult for me to objectively weigh all the pros and cons because I know many websites that sell high-quality papers at a lower price, and they never delivered papers late when I used them.


As I’ve already mentioned above, the prices are rather high. The price of a high school level paper starts at $17.50 per page, and it can reach $60 if you want your paper to be delivered in three hours. I searched for Ultius discount codes but I didn’t find any.

Prices: 21st of September 2020

Quality of Services

You can choose from among three types of writers: Best Available, Graduate (+20% of the cost), and Requested Writer (+15% of the cost). I decided to choose the “best available writer.” Given that prices are quite high, I expected to get an outstanding paper. The result was pretty good. That writer certainly is a professional, his style was great, and he managed to express some pretty smart ideas, which is great, given that the topic was really difficult. If you like a certain writer, you can always use the Requested Writer option, but in this case, the price of your order will be higher.

I’ve checked out some reviews written by writers who previously worked for Ultius. According to their testimonials, the company mostly works with college graduates who are looking for some extra money. This is not bad because many college grads have some experience in writing academic papers, and if they’re good writers, they may do a nice job. The problem, however, is that you can find many posts on different forums and social media where people sell or buy verified writers’ profiles on Ultius. Perhaps, this is the main reason why many customers complain about the quality of writing.


The payment process is simple and straightforward. The company accepts Mastercard, American Express, Visa, and Discover. You need to provide the necessary information and to choose the type of paper.


Ultius has its quality guarantee in place, but if anything goes wrong, its writers can make edits to orders according to the company’s revision policy. The process itself is pretty straightforward, but the revision policy is quite sketchy and you need to check many details to determine whether or not you’re eligible for a revision.

First, you can only request a revision within a week after receiving your paper. If your request is accepted, the writer will edit your paper within three days. Your new instructions should also perfectly match your initial instructions, and you should also make your instructions as detailed as possible.


Ultius has a transparent refund policy. If you visit their website, you’ll see that they’re pretty clear about the common reasons why people ask for a refund. The most important thing you should know is that every refund request is considered individually, and refunds can be full or partial. Everything depends on your particular case.

Failed Deadlines

My main mistake was that I didn’t read their refund policy before making an order. It’s much stricter than it seems. According to the website, if a writer fails to deliver papers on time, their customer can only receive a partial refund. The amount of a refund depends on the difference between the deadline and the actual delivery date. I understand that the company doesn’t want to lose money, but I literally wasted my money by ordering a paper and receiving it when I no longer needed it.

Ultius Scholarship

An interesting thing about this company is that it offers a scholarship for underprivileged students from the U.S. It’s intended for students who can’t pay their tuition. The requirements of this program are quite flexible, so anyone can try to cut their loan debt by $2,000.


If you want to learn more about a company, you should find out how it treats its employees. In this case, the feedback from employees is mixed. Many writers want to earn some extra money and they want to work on something interesting. However, quite often, they don’t get any orders, or they have to write high school essays. Writers also note that this company is really bad at editorial training. This is just another reason why I suggest that you choose another writing service.


  • User interface
    The website is easy to use, everything is straightforward and clear.
  • Quality
    My writer failed to deliver my paper on time, but the quality was really good.
  • Mobile app
    You can install an Android app to track the progress and make orders.


  • Deadlines
    I got my paper too late, and I think that it’s a big problem.
  • Prices
    Writing services are too expensive, and the quality doesn’t match the price.
  • Communication
    Communication with the writer wasn’t flexible and it could be more effective.

My Verdict

Ultius is a well-known company, and it’s 100% legit. The quality of services, however, doesn’t match the price. When ordering such expensive papers, one can expect perfect services and timely delivery, and Ultius fails to fulfill the expectations. The papers might be nice but I know services that offer better quality at a lower price, and they take deadlines more seriously. Until Ultius solves these problems, I wouldn’t recommend using its services.

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1 year ago

I follow this guy on instagram

John B
John B
2 years ago

Ultius rules!

2 years ago

Where can I find discount for the first order?

Reply to  Kir
2 years ago

Hello, are you sure there are any discount codes available for this service?

2 years ago

As far as I know, ultius is one of the ones who are from the USA. All other services are from Pakistan, India, etc.

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