Tutoriage.com Writing Service Review: Everything You Wanted To Know

Writing skills represent the writers’ thinking process. It is crucial to be able to use the right words, find solid arguments, and hold the audience’s attention as long as possible. Many students who are struggling with such a challenge prefer to use essay writing services to save their reputations. 

Sure, cooperating with essay writing services could be unbelievably fruitful and help students to improve their writing skills by following a good example. Yet, a potential essay writing service’s customer has always to be a little bit suspicious as not all companies deliver high-quality service even though they claim they do. 

Today, I would like to offer you a kind of a guide on how to check whether the Tutoriage is worth your attention and investing your money. I’ve chosen the Tutoriage platform. It is one of the academic writing services where clients can get their college assignments done by experienced writers at a very low cost. The offer is more than attractive. It simply leaves no chances for other more expensive services. This feature exactly alerted us. Low prices and high quality is a rare combination, to be honest, it sounds unrealistic. Isn’t it? Today, we are going to find out. 

Landing Page and Website Design

There is nothing special or unique about the website. The landing page looks exactly the same as dozens of other essay writing services. Here, you can see pretty comprehensive information about the rules the series follows, a description of how it works, the major information about the company, and the best writers. 

There is no need to look for information, everything is clear and plain. You can contact Customer Support by pressing the button that you’ll find at the bottom of the page. At the top of it, you can register or log in to your account. 

Certainly, the company writes much about its advantages. In the section that explains why customers have to choose this service exactly, you’ll find information about the writers they are proud of. Though the writers are real and have real accounts, they are just a small part of a huge team where many unprofessional freelance writers work, too.

Nevertheless, I can say only good things about usability. There are no broken links or excess ads. Each button works accurately. The loading speed is satisfying, as well. It is easy to navigate and corresponds with the modern tendencies in web design. The website fulfills its main aim — attracting customers — greatly. 

Are The Writers As Good As The Service Claims?

The writers are the main resource of each essay writing service. They do the job and the quality depends on their expertise, experience, and ability to write fresh and engaging essays. So, my next step after evaluating the website is the writers. 

To meet Tutoriage’s writers, you have to go to the Top Writers tab. And from the beginning, it is obvious there are other writers that the service doesn’t want to introduce you to, and there are no guarantees your essay will be assigned to the top one, so you are already alerted. 

Anyway, I am going to see what the top writers could offer. It seems, everyone is satisfied and happy about the paper they get and writers haven’t ever got bad reviews. It is impossible, though. There are too many disciplines and kinds of approaches to writing essays. There always will be someone who won’t like a certain writer’s vision. So, most likely, the reviews are fake. The best way to check if they are is to go to Google and look for the reviews there. 

There are good reviews, indeed. But also there are many negative ones, students write they didn’t get what they were promised, and some of them even didn’t get a refund. 

My experience with the service is not good, either. I ordered a paper with a long deadline, specified the paper is difficult and requires thorough research, underlined that I wouldn’t have time to revise it, and still got a paper that makes us think it was written in less than 3 hours. I did my best to give this service a chance to shine but was disappointed anyway. 

The Range Of Papers You Can Get At  A Stated Cost

Tutoriage’s range of college papers impresses. Reading their list of assignments, you have no doubt only the best writers are writing for them. This was my first thought, but the reality turned out to be different. However, the service persuades clients they are able to provide them with the following papers: 

  • dissertations, theses, term papers
  • labs reports 
  • books, movies, and articles reviews
  • all kinds of essays: argumentative, comparative, descriptive, analytical, etc.
  • personal statements and application essays
  • problem-solving 

In other words, you can get there anything you need in no time, and all this at an affordable cost! Sounds like a dream! 

Moreover, your papers will be written from scratch, edited, and procreated and you won’t be charged more for these additional services. The offer is extremely attractive, but it only means you have to check the service credibility very carefully. 

The Payment Process 

If everything else is clear about the service, the payment process is the exception. There is no detailed information about it on the website (or it is hidden somewhere, so I couldn’t find it). So, I had no option but to contact customer support and ask them directly (not the best variant when you are already stressed out and prefer not to talk with someone whether you can make use of the service if you can pay only with PayPal). 

As I was informed, the service accepts only credit cards. Sure, it is the most common payment method nowadays, but I was a little surprised that a service that is made for youth doesn’t work with other payment methods. Besides, by paying with a credit card your personal data can accidentally leak. 

Talking about my experience, I had no trouble with paying with a credit card and hope the connection was secured. 

The Prices Issue: Can You Afford The Service? 

The quick answer: I don’t know. There is no clear information about the prices. All they state is their prices are the lowest on the market. But does this mean you can pay what you are ready to pay, or they charge extremely low (thus, they don’t deliver high-quality papers, as professionalism costs a lot)?

As I can suggest, the service allows their writers to propose their prices, and if the client is ready to pay this sum, the order will be operated. It is a fair policy at first sight, but I don’t know for sure what percent Tutoriage charges writers. Do they get a proper reward? If not, how can I be sure the papers are of high quality? And even though they allow their writers to come to an understanding with the customers independently, I can’t say the prices are low. I paid about $20 per page and it wasn’t the top writer. So, it is up to you to decide whether the service is affordable. 

Will I Recieve Your Essay On Time? 

As it was mentioned earlier, I got my essay on time, but it was of poor quality, so proper delivery doesn’t always mean good service in general. 

At Tutoriage, if you want your paper to be done fast, you have to pay extra. If you want to get your paper the next day, the price you should pay for one page will be around $50. If the deadline is not tight, you can count on $20 per page. 

There is a statement that the customer can receive her money back if the revisions didn’t help and the quality of the paper isn’t as high as the customer requested. Based on my experience, this statement has no ground. I tried to order revision and failed at it. And then I demanded my money back but still waiting for the decision. 

However, such behavior does correspond with the other states that you can find on the website. The essay service emphasizes they are not responsible for the success of the paper. They don’t care whether you’ll pass the exam and will be able to defend your term paper. It is all your troubles after they delivered a paper to you. Do you still think they deserve to be given a second chance from us? My answer is negative. 

How To Handle Revision or Refund Issues? 

The essay writing service claims that the customer can get a free revision if there is something in the essay that bothers him if the customer believes the paper wasn’t written following the specified requirements. It is common practice for all academic writing companies. Nevertheless, Tutoriage doesn’t seem interested in satisfying its customers. 

If a customer orders a revision, he would need to prove it is the case for a free revision. And it is very hard to do as you have to negotiate with many people who work in a team. Moreover, you have limited time to request a revision, so it is better to do it as fast as you can. 

The refund policy is vague as well. They say they guarantee your money back if you won’t be satisfied with the service. In fact, they block your account money the moment you make an order and pay them to the writer. So, later it would be too difficult to redo the process. Unless you’ll decide on chargeback. But in this case, you have to contact your bank, and the service you’ve made use of will be again free of any responsibility. 

Customer Support Department: Is It Professional? 

This is what is good about Tutoriage — they’ve mastered their communication with the customers. The customer support is available all day long and responds to the request quickly. Clients can choose a phone call, write a message or chat with the customer support representatives via chatbox. 

They have great persuading skills, and I believe, many potential customers turn into real ones thanks to excellent customer support work. They always offer to make an order and have really strong arguments. 

Anyway, you have to draw your own conclusions about the service, and here are some pros and cons of the company to help you with that.

Why To Choose Tutoriage Service:

  • wide range of services
  • easy-to-navigate website and user-friendly web-design
  • free writing samples
  • professional customer support 

Why Not To Choose Tutoriage Service: 

  • doubtful quality 
  • many inexperienced writers
  • unclear pricing policy 
  • many contradictory paragraphs in the Terms and Conditions


What is the Tutoriage goal?

It is a website where freelance writers look for clients, and students look for someone who will help them. The platform makes their meeting possible. The company works exclusively online and isn’t responsible for any issues that might occur between the writer and the customer. 

Does their occupation break the law? 

While the service offers nothing illegal, the papers students can get there can get them into trouble. Ordering an essay from a random writer on the Internet with no guarantees is called ghostwriting and is prohibited in many colleges and universities. 

Are the prices low?

They are different and depend on the writer a customer chooses. To know the exact price, you have to make a request, as there is no general and stable pricing policy. 

Can I trust Tutoriage? 

I tend to say no. Tutoriage has not the best reputation among students and often breaks their promises. It is not what customers need and expect. Thus, it is better to think twice before ordering college papers here. 

Is it safe? 

The service doesn’t want to admit the mistakes, doesn’t want to play fairly, doesn’t provide customers with the service they were promised to get. Maybe, the experience depends on the writer. But, generally speaking, I’d not recommend this service to someone I like. 

Are the papers original? 

Based on my experience and reviews on the Internet, the papers on Tutoriage are free of plagiarism and written from scratch. Still, you can make sure the paper is unique only after you’ll receive it, as the platform doesn’t provide clients with plagiarism checking service. 

Are there discounts? 

No, the price varies from writer to writer, but there are no discounts. 

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