Top 3 Reasons Not To Buy Pre-Written Essays

All students have to write essays on different topics in high school and college, but many of them find this task rather challenging. Some students are not good at writing, in general, while others may have a hard time trying to figure out what exactly they should write about. Besides, students’ essays should always meet a number of academic requirements, and they should also be formatted according to the necessary citation style. As a result, students often decide to order their essays online. Many companies sell custom essays or pre-written essays. Obviously, the second option is cheaper. However, buying pre-written essays is certainly not the best solution, and in this article, we will explain, why.

Buying Pre-Written Essays Online

If you want to find a website where you could buy an essay, you can just google “buy essay,” and you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the number of results. There are thousands of sites that sell essays. Most often, you can choose the necessary discipline, topic, and level of expertise. After this, you can check out the preview of your essay.

If you’re satisfied with the preview, you can pay for your order and download the whole essay in different formats. The whole process is straightforward and simple. However, when you order a pre-written essay online, you can never be sure that this essay is original. Even if a company claims to sell original essays, there is always a chance that somebody has already bought it before so your essay might fail a plagiarism check.

Buying Essays vs. Using Essay Services

Fortunately, purchasing a pre-written essay isn’t the only solution for students who cannot produce high-quality writing. There are also services that write essays from scratch, taking into account their customers’ needs and requirements. If you choose a reliable custom writing service, you can be sure that you’ll get an original paper written just for you. First, you’ll need to provide detailed instructions, and then a professional writer with the necessary academic background will write your essay from scratch.

A great thing about custom writing companies is that the originality of their essays is one of their main selling points. Trusted companies never store or re-use their essays. After you pay for your order, you will get all the rights, and the company will no longer be able to use this content elsewhere. In fact, you can even present such an essay as your own, and given that the essay is original, your professor will be unlikely to catch you on cheating. The main thing is to choose reliable services with a good reputation. We recommend that you always check online reviews before ordering your essays on the internet.

Don’t simply use the first writing service that you find online. We recommend that you check out several options before making your choice. Choose a service that has many positive reviews online and that meets your specific objectives. We also recommend that you work with companies that have been in this business for a while because you will have more opportunities to check their reputation.

If you still think that ordering a custom essay written from scratch isn’t worth spending some extra money, you may decide to buy a pre-written essay. In this case, it’s important to keep in mind a few important things.

  • Your essay may be plagiarized, copied, and sold to other people before
    When using unreliable custom writing services, one of the main risks is that they may sell you a pre-written essay. They may also simply re-write an essay that they’ve sold before to another customer. When ordering a pre-written essay, the unoriginality of content is not a risk but rather a fact. Besides, when a company sells a pre-written essay, it doesn’t follow your instructions. You simply get a random essay that has been written for somebody else, and then copied and re-sold to the unknown number of other customers.
  • Essays can be plagiarized
    Given that pre-written essays can be copied and re-sold, plagiarism becomes the biggest risk. All students know that submitting plagiarized content can lead to very serious problems. Even if you get an original essay, you should ask yourself, why didn’t anyone buy it before? The most common reason is that such essays might contain errors. For instance, these essays might have been written by custom writing services but customers didn’t approve them.

If your essay is plagiarized, you can risk your entire academic career. If your professor checks your essay using one of many plagiarism check services and the essay turns out to be plagiarized, you’ll be accused of academic dishonesty. Teachers know that students often buy their academic papers online so don’t expect that your teacher will simply forget to check your essay.

  • Your essay can be stolen
    Pre-written essays can also be stolen. For instance, someone can steal them from other students’ submissions. Moreover, some students want to make money by selling their essays after they’ve submitted them to a college or university. You cannot check your essay for originality before you pay for it so when you discover the problem, it might be too late.
  • Some of these essays are resold
    There are also many unreliable custom writing services that store and resell their essays after a while. For instance, BestEssays is a company that became notorious for reselling content over and over again.

You Won’t Be Able to Make Any Changes

When you buy a pre-written essay, you cannot request a revision or talk to your writer and ask them to make some changes. Companies that sell pre-written essays will simply take your money and deliver an essay — they don’t tailor these essays to your requirements, and they don’t edit them. Even if your essay has some obvious grammar mistakes, you will have to deal with it. Another dangerous thing about such companies is that they often don’t have any money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you’re unsatisfied with a paper that you’ve purchased, you won’t be able to request a refund.

When buying a pre-written essay, you can only check a short preview, and there is no information about what the entire essay will look like. Quite often, students realize that their essays have some issues after they’ve already made a payment. For instance, you may find out that your essay is logically inconsistent, has some factual errors, or the wrong structure. When using custom writing services, you won’t encounter such problems because such services always offer revisions.

It Is a Method of Cheating

Some people call purchasing pre-written essays research, but it’s obviously one of the most popular methods of cheating. Some students may purchase essays to get some information for their own research and to write an essay based on it. However, many more students do it to simply submit pre-written essays as their own. Therefore, using websites that sell pre-written essays is an ethical choice.

When you buy a pre-written essay, you’re most likely to get caught on cheating. When using custom writing services, you purchase papers written from scratch. Therefore, they are less likely to cause any problems associated with plagiarism. Of course, you may face some negative consequences if your teacher finds out that you’ve used online writing services, but custom writing services are certainly safer.

Even though purchasing essays online always involves certain risks, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for help when you need it. You can use writing services safely if you choose writing services carefully and make sure to check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them. Besides, don’t be afraid to ask for a revision if you’re not completely satisfied with the result.

Final Thoughts

When buying pre-written essays online, you’re more likely to get a plagiarized paper. However, most often, such problems occur when using unreliable companies with a bad reputation. When it comes to purchasing academic papers online, the most important thing is to check the chosen company, read customers’ reviews, and make sure that the company actually delivers what it promises. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you don’t buy pre-written essays at all. Buying an essay written from scratch is always a better option.