PaperDueNow Review: an Opinion from Real Writers

I’m perfectly familiar with because I’ve worked there for a few years, working on different kinds of orders. I can say a lot about this writing service, but first, let’s consider some background information. Honestly speaking, this writing service is very popular among lazy students. This company has been helping students get nice grades for a decade. Recently, the website was updated so that the company can work on the constantly growing number of orders. The company has also hired more writers. Should you delegate your writing assignments to them? Is this company legit? What You Should Know

This company sells unique papers written according to customers’ requirements and instructions. It offers affordable prices and takes all kinds of orders so you can use this service even when you need help with very difficult papers. Some students use this service to buy samples of academic writing. These students can use sample papers for research purposes or to copy the writing style used by a professional writer. Of course, there are also many students who like writing services because they can cheat. I’m not going to address the ethical side of writing services. The only purpose of this review is to determine whether or not this company is trustworthy. If this question is a reason why you’re reading this, keep reading to learn more.

Where Did I Get All the Information?

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been a writer at I wrote all kinds of academic papers, including essays, research papers, and even dissertations. I’ve always been good at writing so creating good papers that can be appreciated by both students and professors has never been a problem for me. If you pay for it, I can write it. What made my job easier is that students were always happy to share passwords to academic libraries and their schools’ databases with me. As a result, I always had quick access to reliable sources on virtually any subject.

Many people think that academic writing means spending many hours reading academic sources, but the truth is that it’s more about your ability to paraphrase content that has been written by other people. The main thing is to properly attribute all sources, making sure that the paper is original and the customer won’t be accused of plagiarism.

What Does Pay?

Can you make decent money by writing papers for students? Yes, you can. Of course, an academic writer’s salary won’t satisfy those who love a luxurious lifestyle, but it’s not bad. Some papers cost $500, and such big orders are exactly what you should be looking for. Unfortunately, writers don’t get 100% of the money that customers pay, but custom writing is a nice source of income if you like to write and you’re actually good at it. As for the downsides of such a job, they don’t outweigh the benefits. Besides, you may deal with tight deadlines and write as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of your writing. However, if you’re a good writer, such things shouldn’t scare you.

Can I Use Any Promo Codes?

You can find hundreds of promo codes on the internet. If you encounter yet another ad that offers a discount, don’t ignore it because promo codes enable you to save a lot of money when ordering your papers on If you decide to become a writer at this company, promo codes will also help you a lot because they attract many customers so you can make more money. I personally can recommend these working discount codes that provide an extra discount (10-15%): GET10gift, APNews10OFF.

Will I Get Paid Less Because of Promo Codes?

Many beginner writers stay away from discounts and promo codes because they think that such things cheapen their work. The truth is that doesn’t want to pay you less because it values its reputation among writers. No matter what discounts your customer uses, you’ll always be paid in full. Don’t be afraid of discounts. I suggest that you just try to monitor how many orders you get when the company launches a new discount program. This way, you will quickly understand how useful discounts are. Customers love discounts, and first-time discounts are a common reason why students actually make orders instead of leaving the site.

Is PaperDueNow Legit?

Yes, it’s a legit writing service. I received my money on time. The website has a convenient dashboard where you can see new orders and track the payments. This website is completely safe to use, and you don’t need to worry about the safety of your data.

Final Verdict

I’ve had a great experience working with This is a legit company that offers fair compensation for writers’ efforts and helps customers get good papers on time. I give PaperDueNow eight stars out of ten and I definitely can recommend it to both writers and customers.

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