Is essay services legal?

Many college students make use of essay writing services regularly. Though these companies are in high demand today, each of us doesn’t know for sure if they are legit. 

Do you have such a question? Sure, you do. 

Here is the answer: yes. But let’s find out the reasons why. 

  1. There is a contract: Terms of service 

On each reliable essay writing website, you can find the Terms and Conditions page. It is the short content of a contract you are signing with the company when making an order. Each part has its rights and obligations. 

Most likely, you’ll find information there that all the papers the company produces and delivers are for research purposes. But it is the client’s right to use it as they like. The most important part of this document is the paragraph about the essay writing service standards. You should find their information about the writers’ qualifications, the quality of the papers and guarantees you get as a customer. 

Thus, this is not just a random website made by a curious freelancer. It is a business that follows specific rules and provides you with guarantees. 

  1. If there is a demand, there is an offer 

There won’t be any essay writing service if students won’t need it. A service always pops up where it is awaited. The academic writing websites give their clients what they need. They help them to live their lives fully. 

Many students are struggling with assignments not because they are lazy or indifferent. Many of them have jobs, others should help their old parents, and some even have kids! It is extremely difficult to manage all the parts of your life without any help. 

The essay companies give a hand as there are people who need it more than anything else. 

  1. The ownership is yours

The majority of the essay writing companies do not expect their clients to credit them on the papers. They transfer the ownership rules to the customer. Essay writing is not a kind of art. It is a service that a customer ordered. After you received your paper, it is only your decision on how to use it. 

I won’t lie; asking a third person to write an essay for you is cheating. But the outcome of your decision depends on the service you will choose. And all the tools you need – plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers – are out there, on the Internet. Use your resources wisely and everything will turn out great. 

  1. Essay writing services don’t break the law

Like in every niche there are frauds in essay writing. But mostly these services are legit and act according to the law. There are no reasonable grounds to accuse them of dishonesty. Any customer can visit the website and read the Terms and Conditions, learn the prices, and steps you have to take to make an order. 

Some countries, like the United Kingdom, keep frightening students that they will be excluded if they use the essay writing service. Frankly speaking, each student could be excluded having never used any of the mentioned services. And, if there was a serious base to hold them accountable for cheating, it had already been done. But somehow the college helpers keep providing you with their service

The secret is in ethical principles. One way or another, the arguments in this area are lying in the ethical field. You don’t do something against the law when making an order from the academic writing service. You take the risks, and that’s all. The same risks you take when going along the busy highway or taking a cab. 

You have to be cautious, but not paranoid. 

Is it legal? Or legitimate?

Let’s figure it out. 

There are many definitions when someone talks about the law. But the discussion has no sense if even one of the words stays unknown. 

I bet you are confused with these two words – legality and legitimacy. Is it the same? If not, what is the difference? Can the essay writing service be legal and legitimate simultaneously?

I will try to put it simple:

The legal act is the act that is made within the existing law. It is something that someone does due to state law. Thus, we talk about legality if we want to understand if the act violates the rules. 

And legitimate describes the action from the logic approach. It is closer to ethics. The legitimate action is the one that doesn’t irritate society and the last one considers this action acceptable.

So, are the essay services legal? Yes. As there is no existing law that says they act against the law. 

Are the essay writing companies legitimate? Unfortunately, no. The law can forbid the business that breaks the law, but can’t fight the unethical behavior. There are awful scams in the essay writing field that need only your money. And it is your job to grasp who is who before making a final decision. 

Is it safe for me to use the essay writing service? 

Mostly, using the essay writing service is safe and legitimate. 

Point it out; there are not only students among essay writing services’ customers. Often, fresh specialists, confused professionals, or even academics make use of it. Naturally, they use it to ease the research process, to get more proof to their theories and hypothesis, but still, they do it. And it means that the essay writing services should level it up. 

Again, not all the schools are against any help that students could receive. It is not forbidden to take extra lessons, to work with the researchers and editors. So, ordering an essay help is the same as hiring a tutor. Such practice stopped being something unusual decades ago. In the professional world, companies hire third companies to fulfill their requests every day and no one thinks it is bad. It is called delegating, smart planning, etc. 

The only case when the essay writing service can harm a customer is when it is a fraud. There are some companies whose main goal is to rob you by giving you false promises. However, you can simply find out if this is the type of company you are having relations with. Using Google search and reading the reviews will make everything clear. 


Do I break the law by paying someone to do my essay?

No, you don’t. It is absolutely legal. It can be against the rule only if a customer presents a paper he received from the essay writing service as his own. No academic writing service encourages this kind of behavior. 

Is providing academic assistance illegal?

It is as legal as offering a tutoring service. Many professional and freelance writers order papers from the essay writing services to use it as a base for their further research or articles. If you can save time by asking for help, there is nothing wrong with it. But always remember, that the custom papers shouldn’t be submitted as your own without any rework.


To conclude, get familiar with the delusions about the essay writing service job. 

Delusion: they push youth to cheat.

Reality: they support students and ease their research process. They help those who have to manage family, work and studying at the same time. 

Delusion: they have no sense of ethics.

Reality: they have a long list of rules and conditions on which they are ready to work with you and inform you for what purpose you can use their papers. They do not trick.

Delusion: they encourage laziness. 

Reality: they give customers a starting point and then they should do the rest of the work. The essay writing service delivers only the model of future paper. 

It is for sure, the essay writing companies offer their service within the law. It is all within terms of legality and legitimacy. 

It is a guide, a helper who offers its service for money. It is an investment in the customer’s success as it is the educational services you pay for.