How to Trick Turnitin in 2020?

Almost all students are familiar with Turnitin, the plagiarism check software used by professors to determine whether or not their students submit original papers. Unlike many other plagiarism check apps, Turnitin is based on very complex algorithms that constantly evolve and become more and more effective. This service has a bad reputation among students because it’s really difficult to fool.

Plagiarism is a serious problem in the academic world, and if you get caught, the consequences can be severe. You may face various penalties, including expulsion. Submitting plagiarized content is considered academic dishonesty. However, the truth is that not all students submit plagiarized content because they want to cheat. Turnitin is notorious for its ability to detect plagiarism in even the shortest fragments of the text so you can get caught even when submitting your own content.

In this article, we will think of how one can cheat Turnitin in 2020. First, we will consider the basics and figure out how Turnitin works.

What Turnitin Is

This is a very popular plagiarism detection app. It was created by the iParadigms group for professors to help them with paraphrasing and citations. Now, Turnitin is a commercial app, and users need to register their accounts to use it. Millions of students from all over the world use this tool on a regular basis. Professors and teachers also use it all the time to check their students’ papers. This plagiarism check tool compares the submitted content to its large database and works that have been submitted before.

How Does It Work?

Turnitin has a database of written materials that includes all the papers that have been submitted by students and professors. This is a reason why the service faced multiple accusations of copyright infringement. Turnitin can also compare papers to all web pages available online and to commercially accessible content from journals, newspapers, and books.

Once the analysis is done, Turnitin highlights the plagiarized passages. It’s important to understand how Turnitin works if you want your papers to appear original when you check them using this service.

How to Use It

After Turnitin became commercially available, it became accessible not only for teachers and tutors but also for students. Quite often, teachers ask their students to check their papers using Turnitin. Given that Turnitin provides a detailed plagiarism report and shows what sources are similar to the submitted content, students can make sure that their papers are properly cited and unique.

On the one hand, this service can help you make sure that your paper will be original. On the other hand, it often tends to create problems rather than solve them. Quite often, students don’t want to cheat. However, Turnitin will highlight your content as plagiarized even if you wrote it yourself but it contains phrases and sentences that are similar to other sources.

How to Trick Turnitin?

This service has been around for quite a while so students have tried to fool it in different ways, and many of these tricks don’t work. Here are some ineffective approaches you should be aware of.

What Doesn’t Work

  1. Using thesaurus
    Many students think that they can fool Turnitin by simply replacing some words with synonyms. The truth is, Turnitin will immediately detect synonymized fragments. Moreover, this feature is one of the service’s main selling points.
  2. Making it invisible
    Some students also try to make their content unique by replacing spaces with white symbols. These symbols look invisible on white, while in fact, the text looks like this: “allXperiodsXareXreplacedXwithXwhiteXletters.” If you submit such weird-looking content to Turnitin, it will detect an unusual word length. Besides, your text will be displayed as it is, and all symbols will be visible.
  3. Swapping letters
    Some students replace certain symbols with similar letters from other alphabets. For instance, you can use the Cyrillic а, е, о, с, р, and х, to replace English letters that look the same. However, Turnitin has a map of similar characters from many different languages. It will automatically recognize words and detect plagiarized content.
  4. Using quotation marks
    Some students think that they can simply put all of their content into quotation marks. Obviously, such an approach will not work with Turnitin. The thing is that Turnitin analyzes content in quotation marks, and only your professor can decide to exclude these fragments from the report. Moreover, when teachers choose to exclude the quoted material, Turnitin displays the percentage of your paper that is in quotation marks.
  5. Adding images
    Sometimes, students try to make their papers original by adding images. Visually, such papers can look like a five-page essay, but Turnitin will quickly detect the paper length and number of words so such papers will be flagged.
  6. Using macros
    Students may also try to convert their papers to PDF or to use various Microsoft Word macros to disguise plagiarized elements. For example, students can replace symbols. However, Turnitin can recognize macros so your paper will look like if you didn’t use them at all.

What Might Work

  1. Paraphrasing
    If you paraphrase your sources properly, you may be able to trick Turnitin. Although this system can quickly detect poor paraphrasing, if you try hard, you may change the content enough so that Turnitin won’t flag it. Obviously, such an approach takes a lot of time and effort, but it enables you to present a paper that was actually written by you so your professor will appreciate it.
  2. Order professional custom writing
    Another great approach is to simply delegate your writing to professionals. This way, you will get an original, well-written paper as soon as you need it. You will be much more likely to avoid any plagiarism issues because professional writers know how Turnitin works and they are used to writing unique papers within a limited time.

Unfortunately, that’s it. You can trick Turnitin, but you cannot do it by using some simple tricks that are so popular among students. The good news is that you can always order good custom papers online. You can also dedicate some time to writing and put some effort into paraphrasing so that your paper will be actually original.

Turnitin FAQ

  • How to check papers for originality before submitting them to Turnitin?
    There are many alternatives. You can use many types of plagiarism check software. However, keep in mind that some services store the submitted content so it loses its originality.
  • Can I use Turnitin twice for the same paper?
    Yes, you can resubmit your papers, but you can only do it within a specific period of time.
  • How long will my papers stay in Turnitin’s database?
    Users can choose not to use Turnitin’s database. Therefore, teachers can use institutional databases and remove papers from them if you ask them. In this case, your paper will be removed from the database in two weeks.
  • How much does it cost?
    Turnitin doesn’t publish its prices on the website, and its pricing system is private. However, the Financial Times suggests that prices start at $2 per student per year.
  • How long will it take to check my papers?
    Usually, the results are ready in 15 minutes. However, sometimes, a plagiarism check may take up to 24 hours.
  • I didn’t plagiarize content but Turnitin says my paper is unoriginal. What should I do?
    Turnitin detects plagiarism with an almost 100% accuracy. Therefore, if most of your paper perfectly matches another source, the chances are that it’s not a coincidence. Instructors can exclude quotes and some common expressions, but these elements will still be reflected in the report.
  • What does the color system mean?
    Colored squares show how much of your content has been found in Turnitin’s database. Blue means that your paper has less than 20 words that match with the database, green indicates a 0%-24% match, yellow — 25%-49% match, orange — 50%-74% match, and red means 75%-100% match.

Bottom Line

There is no universal way that would guarantee that you will fool Turnitin. Its algorithms constantly evolve, and this tool can detect various cheating practices. Of course, Turnitin isn’t perfect so students continue to look for any ways to trick it. However, the developers of Turnitin and even teachers know these tricks. Therefore, we recommend that you stick with reliable methods and don’t expect Turnitin to ignore obvious tricks. For instance, you can order original papers online and be sure that your paper will solve your problems, not create the new ones.