How to Pay for Homework With No Risks: Tips & List

Writing college essays and completing assignments could be exhausting. So, the next moment you think, why not pay someone to do my homework for me? It seems a wise solution to all your problems and struggles. Until you find out that picking the right essay writing service could be as exhausting as conducting research for your essay. 

Yet, unlike essay writing, this one is temporary, and once you find the perfect homework helper you’ll be free from insomnia and continuous anxiety. Aiming to be as useful for you as we can, we have completed this article for you. Here, besides tips on how to get academic writing help rapidly and with no stress, you’ll find a list of trustworthy homework helpers and academic writing assistants so you shouldn’t spend tons of time on choosing the right one for you. 

Where Can I Get Homework Help?

Writing hundreds of essays could demotivate a student to study. The level of stress it provokes causes apathy and depression. But there is something you can do to avoid such outcomes: 

  • Ask For Help. If you can’t cope with all the tasks you get, ask a friend, your brother, cousin to assist you. It is absolutely fine to look for help and accept it if you lack productivity and feel overwhelmed. Ask your college mates to edit your papers or at least give it a fresh look and share their impressions with you. 
  • Order Help on Reddit. Here, you can find anything you want. And homework assistance is not an exception. Yet, it is a little bit tricky as you never know what kind of a person you asked for help and whether you’ll get what you paid for.
  • Order Help From a Professional Service. The best option is to ask a professional writer for help. It might cost more than previous variants, but in this case, you will have guarantees that the paper will be of high quality and will be delivered on time. 

List of The Most Reliable Homework Assistance Services

Below you’ll find a list of companies that are recommended by many users on the Internet and have all the documents to prove they provide their services legally. 

Your chances to get professional homework help here are extremely high. We did our best to ease your search and let you enjoy the free time you’ll get by ordering from them. 

1. EduDemius

EduDemius is qualified enough to complete a college assignment of any level of difficulty. Their team of writers has no creative limits so the essays they deliver impress even the most demanding customers. Here, you can find samples that prove the writers have an eagle eye for details and a great sense of language. 

High school students can order help here at $10 per page. In case, you have an urgent order you have to pay extra. Urgent orders are available for college students as well. 

Even if you are going to choose a fast delivery option, you can be sure the essay will be excellent, as at EduDemius speed doesn’t mean low quality. It is impossible here. One way or another, you’ll get exactly what you have come for. 

2. PenDargo

This company is well-known among students. You’ve probably heard about it from your college mates or read about it on the Internet. For many years, PenDargo.Com delivered dissertations, essays, research papers of exceptional quality. They earned trust by offering only the best service. Besides writing essays, they offer homework help of any kind and have already succeeded in this field, too. 

On PenDargo you can offer proofreading, editing, or writing service. Paying about $18 per page of 300 words you get absolutely original paper in less than 3 hours. 

Obviously, there are services that cost cheaper, but none of them can offer their customers as experienced and talented writers as PenDargo. Having ordered help here, you’ll forget about sleepless nights before assignment submitting day forever.

3. EssayPro 

This essay writing website differs from the others. It is a place where talented freelance writers from all over the world can find customers and students can get reliable help in no time. Though the writers are freelancers, the majority of them are English native speakers so your paper will be written in rich English with no grammar mistakes. 

There is one more thing that makes EssayPro noticeable among others. Here, customers can buy pre-written essays. Nevertheless, they are original and never were published elsewhere before. And they will be definitely delivered to you as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, the service doesn’t share prices with all the potential clients. To get a price quotation, you have to register and create an account. 

4. DoMyHomework123

If you are looking for a premium quality, this is the place. DoMyHomework writers are experienced narrow experts with PhD degrees each. It is unlikely that you’ll meet here Bachelor degree writer or Undergraduate. Such a star team attracts students who have difficult essay topics to cover or need help with tests or difficult papers, like dissertations. 

The service hires writers from everywhere in the world, so if you make an order at 2 a.m., rest assured there will be at least a couple of writers who are available and can start working on your task right away. 

No wonder, that so comfortable service costs much. Here, the clients pay about $17 per page of a paper that will be delivered in two weeks. It is not cheap, and unfortunately not every student can afford it. 

5. HomeworkForYou 

HomeWorkForYou has decided to pick a different way to help students. The process of ordering here looks like a game. A student announces a topic and then chooses among service providers who offered their help. This service is very popular as it gives students a feeling of having more control over their task completion. And often you can get a good paper here at a low price. 

This platform attracts not only students aka customers, but also writers who have to compete with others, thus the average price here is $15 per page that is absolutely reasonable and affordable for plenty of students. 

6. PayMeToDoYourHomework

Despite the name, the website is focused on high-level assignments. Homework help is one of their services, but much often customers come here to get professional assistance with MBA projects, writing dissertations, etc. 

Also, it is a great place for students of technical faculties. Here, you’ll find many narrow experts who are passionate about biology, physics, or maths and provide customers with proper help in no time. 

You can check the prices on the main page. Though, be ready to see big numbers. Here, your essay or math problem-solving will cost you $29 at least. 

7. EduVinci

The website with the best reputation on the market. EduVinci.Com has been helping students for many years and keep delivering the most brilliant essays and homework assignment solutions for their customers. Thanks to a professional team of writers gathered from all over the world, this service is capable of completing assignments of any level. 

EduVinci provides help with any academic issue you experience, yet, the most popular orders here are coursework writing, dissertation assistance, and research paper writing help. The price for a full package order starts from $14. At this price, you’ll get not only a well-written paper free of plagiarism but editing and proofreading service. 

The shortest deadline is 6 hours. The service delivers top-notch papers thus sometimes beside the writer other narrow experts could be involved in your order and it requires a little bit more time. Anyway, the quality of the papers is worth it. 

8. HomeworkMarket 

If you like the market and the absence of fixed prices, you’ll like this place. HomeworkMarket is a platform where you can get any kind of academic assistance from any expert you want. 

On HomeworkMarket, it is acceptable to talk about the price, ask if you can get a discount, and be as honest and straightforward as you wish. Unlike traditional essay writing services, here, you can choose the writer and negotiate with him directly, with no mediators.

One feature that didn’t please me here is a little less flexibility compared to other websites in the same niche. The website lacks chat boxes and instant messaging without which students can’t imagine their life. 

9. Assignment Geek

Indeed, this essay writing place gathers geeks and incredible enthusiasts to help students solve their problems. From this service, customers can expect only the best service and understanding of their life circumstances. The writer’s team is dedicated to their job and can work with Mathematical Analysis problems as well as with Creative Writing assignments. 

The prices are average on the market. At $16 per page, you’ll get professional assistance with homework including editing and proofreading service. 

The one thing that Assignment Geek misses is the full and comprehensive list of experts. This way, students would be absolutely confident about what they will get. 

10. HomeworkDoer 

Here, you can get writing help with any college assignments. Biology lab, psychology research paper, history course works. Anything will be taken care of. 

The service claims their writers are well-educated and prepared enough to manage any issues that students might experience with essay writing. The majority of the writer’s team are originally from English-speaking countries. 

The prices aren’t fixed. You can ask customer support managers about it or register on the website. The tightest deadline here is 8 hours. 

11. BoostMyGrade 

BoostMyGrade essay writing service provides customers with the service that allows them to be sure their reputation remains good. They offer help with quizzes, tests, college papers, and other writing tasks that make you struggle. Also, at BoostMyGrade you can take advantage of tutoring help.

Like plenty of mentioned websites, this one doesn’t post their prices on the website. To know it, you have to create a personal account to get a price quote. It can irritate some of you. But, on the other hand, this service implemented a fantastic instant messaging system, thus all your requests will be responded to rapidly. 

12. DoMyHomework.Co

The homework service cooperates only with the writers from the United States of America, Australia, and Canada. Thus, if you need to write a paper for your English classes, this is the best option for you. All the writers have been working in this niche for over 15 years and know exactly what to do so the clients are satisfied. 

They can assist you with the dissertation writing, creating a plan for your thesis, making notes for presentations, etc. The service pays great attention to customers’ requirements. 

Again, you won’t find prices here. It seems it is some kind of a new tendency in the essay writing market that we have to get used to. 

13. JustDoMyHomework

According to reviews, this company delivers superb essays to students of different faculties and papers on different subjects. The writers’ team includes editors and proofreaders and also narrow experts who can consulate writers when the case isn’t ordinary. At JustDoMyHomework, a customer can order presentation assistance and online support. 

There is one aspect that doesn’t allow us to feel completely sure about the reliability of this service. You can’t see the information about the writer until he starts working on your order. And the moment he did, there was no point to change him or cancel the order. Nevertheless, there are just a few negative reviews on this platform, so, most likely, you have nothing to worry about. 

14. 5Homework 

This service is relatively new, though it means there are many young and passionate experts among their writers. They work with orders related to homework assignments, college papers, and also can assist you online during the class or exam. 

Considering that not all the writers are English native speakers, the prices are low. You can get homework help at just $10 per page. Although, if you want to be sure your essay is written by a professional and experienced English native speaker, you have to claim your preferences and pay extra. 


The service claims they can’t be more proud of their writers. To become a part of a team, they run through many professional tests, and after that have an interview where they have to present their best features. DoMyHomework offers writing help with over 50 academic disciplines. 

The prices here aren’t a secret. At about $12 per page you can order a high school essay. However, a tight deadline or higher level of a writer will require you to pay extra. 

16. DoMyHomework.Pro

This homework assistant offers the lowest prices. Though we always say that low prices have to alarm you, this is not the case. DoMyHomework.Pro keeps their prices low due to a wide range of writers that can work remotely from any place in the world. This way, your order can be taken at any time of the day.

At DoMyHomework.Pro you can get professional academic help at $9 per page. Considering the expertise of the writers and their willingness and readiness to help, it is the most amazing offer out there. 

17. MyHomeworkDone

This is an example of a platform where you find everything in one place. Their expertise isn’t limited to usual college essay writing. Here, even MBA students will find someone to guide them through their studies. Also, the website has a beautiful user-friendly interface. Customers don’t need a chat box or other channels to ask questions, as everything is plain and simple. 

To get help from this company, you have to pay over $15 per page. Sure, you can find cheaper services, but not all of them are capable of helping students who already graduated and keep improving themselves realizing that only lifelong learners succeed. 

Assignment Disciplines On High Demand

It seems, there is nothing easier than getting writing help online. Yet, it requires patience and time to find a reliable and affordable homework assistant that would support you whenever you need professional assistance. The good news is the moment you found it, your labs, creative writing tasks, and math problems won’t bother you anymore. 

Though all the students need help occasionally, there are top subjects that are in high demand always, like:

  • programming
  • coding
  • physics
  • math
  • geometry
  • algebra
  • python
  • SPSS
  • history
  • statistics
  • economics
  • science
  • accounting
  • chemistry
  • french

How to Get Homework Help Safely?

Okay, you have decided to make use of a homework doer, so you have more time to manage problems that occurred in other parts of your life. How to make the right choice? There are many frauds that want to take advantage of your weakness and take your money. How to avoid such an experience? How to understand whether you can trust the service? 

It is a difficult thing to do, but as always, there are tips that will help you to take the right direction:

Can I Trust Services With Low Prices? 

Companies that help students with their homework and college assignments practice two pricing systems. The first one is one the price is regular and you can check if you can afford it just by entering the website. 

The others don’t allow customers to see the price before creating an account. Some might like it, but the majority don’t. However, there are many trustworthy services in this group and we couldn’t ignore them just because of their pricing policy. 

One way or another, you shouldn’t choose the service based only on the price. It is an important aspect, sure, but what is more important is the quality. And, excluding a few services, the majority can’t afford to work for free and establish low prices. Good and experienced writers expect a proper reward, thus you have to pay more to get a paper from such a writer. 

Do Refund and Revision Options Matter?

They are crucial. For many students, it is the only reason why they choose essay writing companies over freelance writers. The first ones have guarantees and can’t go away with injustice just like that. They have a contract where the obligations of both parties are stated in a plain way. 

Before making an order, read the Terms and Conditions page carefully. As the presence of agreement doesn’t mean the service has customers’ interests in mind. It could be written in a way that benefits only the service provider. 

You are in a weak position already, so do not let someone make things even harder for you. Conduct research, read the reviews, and then cooperate only with the most promising essay writing services. 

Is It Legit To Pay For Homework Assistance? 

No, you don’t risk paying someone to get your homework done. You put yourself at risk of paying a fraud. This could happen in case you didn’t read the reviews or get familiar with the conditions on which services provide its occupation. This way, you can risk not only your grades but reputation.

By choosing a well-known reliable essay writing service you opt-in your improvement and future success. A legitimate platform guarantees your privacy and the quality of their work. So, you can be sure your paper will be written from scratch and will contain no plagiarism. 


I need my essay to be done in a few hours. Who can help me? 

If you need to submit your paper in a couple of hours but have no idea what to start with, seek a professional homework service for help. Experienced writers will master your assignment and deliver it to you in no time. 

What is the average price for essay writing service? 

Prices differ a lot. Many features impact the pricing policy. They are writers’ expertise and experience, the deadline, the subject, the kind of college paper, etc. Besides, each service offers different packages and evaluates them based on their quality. 

If you’d like to know the exact number, it could be $10. If the service claims their papers are original and ask less than that, take a break and check if it is a legal service one more time. 

Is it legal to provide students with homework assistance? 

Definitely, yes. Homework helpers work within the law and provide their service according to a regular agreement. It is a legal and legitimate occupation that helps students feel more confident and reduce stress levels. 

Should I be ashamed of paying for homework help?

The purpose of homework help services is to guide a student through challenges he has met. Those companies show customers how they can overcome academic writing difficulties and how to act to avoid them in the foreseen future. All the papers clients receive are just examples of what they can do on their own. 

The only thing that lays beyond the ethical field is submitting a paper you got as homework help as your own. You can find this statement in every agreement you sign with homework assistance companies. 

Should I avoid companies that have multiple websites?

There are marketing campaigns like creating many different websites that serve one mission — to attract more clients to the main website. This practice is not bad as it is. Yet, pay attention if the service is real and legit, as often frauds play this game trying to confuse you so you believe they deserve your trust. 

How can I learn more about getting homework help online to stay safe?

It is great that you ask us such questions. If you’d like to be sure the online homework assistant you’ve chosen to help you is legal and will keep you protected, go to our blog and look for the appropriate information using tags and keywords. 

To Conclude

College assignments were invented to track students’ progress and check if the student makes improvements. They have to help you understand the subject. However, they impact your reputation directly regardless of your current circumstances. And this is the time when you need homework help service more than ever. 

We believe our little investigation will help you to make the right choice.