Hack the System: How to Order Custom Essay and Get Away With It

Ghostwriter writes essays for students. Students cheat and submit these paper as their own.

Table of content:

  1. Talking numbers
  2. You should watch out
  3. You get more than you put on the map
  4. You can do it!
  5. Hacks to Order Essays Online Safely

The student life is the period of time when every day is a challenge. It starts in high school and continues till the last years of college. We won’t lie, further life is not a cup of tea, too, but these first steps in independent life are crucial for a young person. 

This is the time when you are improving your logical thinking, learn to find strong arguments, prove your points, and be heard after all. The best way to develop such skills is to write your thoughts down which means to complete an academic paper. 

To sound persuasive and solid in their works, many students use plagiarism and grammar checkers. It is the obvious way to make your writing look better. 

Others do even more. They ask professional essay writers for help. Though it is absolutely legal, many schools still don’t want their students to make use of such services, and consider it cheating. 

To avoid unpleasant circumstances, let’s figure out how to get help and feel safe. 

Talking numbers

A survey claims that “contract cheating” is not something unusual among students of universities all over the world. It was 2017, when one of the leading United Kingdom newspapers stated that more than 20,000 students made use of essay writing websites in just 12 months. 

The University of Australia did its own research. According to the survey, students who use English as a second language use essay services more often. Nevertheless, later another survey found out that English native speakers also actively order papers from professional services, and most of them were the students of USA colleges. 

Still, there is no wonder that foreign students will more likely order a custom paper. The reasons are a poor level of English, feeling no support, a higher level of stress, etc. It sheds the light on the problem that exists in the student community and has to be solved by the administration, but it is the topic of another article. 

You should watch out

Not long ago, some institutions started to explore this kind of academic behavior that is considered dangerous for the future of education. Just some years ago, it became a reality that a student can face actual punishments for using the mentioned services – from fines to criminal records. While essay writing business stays legit, many schools’ administrations and governments offer to criminalize it and those who help them to gain exposure. 

For now, there are some cases when colleges revoked students’ degrees. While the United Kingdom educational system just registers more than 40,000 cases of cheating every year, Australia and New Zealand take the lead in the criminalizing initiative. The last one has already passed the law that criminalizes college assistance services. According to this law, students who made use of such companies will be prosecuted. 

It turns out that many students use essay writing services without knowing all the risks they take doing it. While college assistance websites put it clear that their papers are delivered only for research and reference purposes, students submit them as their own and get caught.

Now, when “contract cheating” becomes more popular every day, many universities do everything to catch plagiarism, including buying certified tools and software to check the submitted essays.

What is worse, the degrees can be revoked even from the former students. So, the timing doesn’t matter in this case. 

You get more than you put on the map

Turnitin, the well-known plagiarism checker, is improving non-stop. It aims to reduce the plagiarism cases in education to the minimum and make “contract cheating” impossible. It is a very important tool for professors and teachers, and it is amazing that our technological level allows us to create such platforms. But it is also very important to understand why the students build strong relations with essay writing services and this tendency doesn’t seem to vanish.

  1. These companies allow students to spend their time on something important they always postpone, or simply give them a hand when it’s too difficult to submit the paper on time due to family or other circumstances.
  2. They make it possible for students to write about the topic they are not familiar with.
  3. They let them feel appreciated by submitting a really good essay.
  4. They deliver a model paper that can be used as a base for student’s further research.
  5. They give the sense of a well-written essay, of an essay that will be noticed among others, and teach students to express their point of view better.
  6. The essay ordered from a professional service is written from scratch, so it is almost absolutely safe to use it as your own.
  7. They help students to cope with the struggle and allow them to move forward.

To make your doubts disappear, you have to understand that the level of risks you take ordering an essay online depends on your advanced research. Before spending your money on such a service, read reviews, feedbacks, testimonials, and Terms and Conditions Page carefully. This way, you’ll be definitely safe and satisfied. 

You can do it!

Many educational workers can deal with the fact that students check their essays via grammar checkers or other online tools. But essay writing services are absolutely another thing. It is a red flag for many professors, so it is better never show it to them. 

Here are some tricks that could be useful when ordering an essay online.

Hacks to Order Essays Online Safely

  • Create a new email for communication with the essay writing service. Protect your persona
  • While you can create the new email, you should give your real name and other personal information to provide the payment. Legal academic writing services will never share your data, as they respect your privacy. However, it never hurts to double-check the company’s reputation.
  • Do not make common mistakes. Read the reviews thoroughly, compare order forms on different websites, do not make a bulk order from one essay service right away. Take your time.
  • Always check essays you get from professional services via plagiarism checkers. Sometimes, it could be not 100% original unintentionally. 
  • There is a free revision option usually. Check the paper and order it if needed.
  • Be realistic in evaluating your level and style. Adapt the essay to your way of expressing thoughts. Do not leave it perfect. You are a student, you are learning, you have to make mistakes, it is the way you become educated. 
  • Do not submit the essay you can’t retell. Get a clear understanding of what the essay is about.

The truth is the educational system couldn’t erase the essay writing business just like that. Many students need it desperately. And it is not about laziness or indifference. Sometimes the reasons are unbelievably trite, like illness, inability to understand a difficult topic due to poor English, etc. 

The essay writing services do a great job in supporting those who need it. And until there won’t be enough support and empathy inside the students’ and professors’ communities, there will be essay writing companies. 

Still, the best way to reduce the use of academic writing assistance websites among students is to start teaching them the magic of essay writing as early as possible and acceptable due to individual development.