Fake Review Sites About Essay Writing Services

The List of Fraud Review Sites on Essay Services

Needless to say that today almost 90% of customers will first look for reviews before buying something online. Ordering your paper at essay writing service isn’t an exception. However, can we truly trust the reviews online? Well, yes and no.

Review websites can obviously help you decide what essay service is worth turning to. Still, there are tons of fake reviews used as an aggressive marketing technique even by the top rated companies. So how can one distinguish an artificial review from a sincere one? We have plunged into the subject, and prepared this guide to follow.

How to Detect a Fake Review Site?

There are two distinct features that may help you detect fake feedback. Firstly, it’s an owner of a review website. If the owner of a review site is that of a writing service, the website has likely succumbed to the temptation of composing some fraud reviews to just drive some traffic. Secondly, if there’s too much negative feedback regarding the competitors, the site is probably just faking it, so that the customers will turn to their writing service instead of their rivals.

11 Review Frauds You Cannot Trust

We have already singled out some fake review websites for you to be aware. So here’s the list of 11 sites you’d better avoid reading reviews on.

  1.  OmniPapers.com: Though you haven’t probably heard of One Freelance Limited, such companies as Big4Papers, EssayShark and CustomWritings will definitely ring a bell. As all these writing services are possessed by the same owner, so is this review website. This review site is just the part of their marketing technique that has nothing to do with real reviews. Plus, surprisingly the three essay services mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg among the dozens of others alike writing companies owned by One Freelance Limited.
  2. AskPeterson.com: This particular site is possessed by Universal Research Inc, another mogul having tons of essay writing companies. NinjaEssays.com, EssayMama.com, PapersGear.com, and EssaysCapital.com are just a few among services this company owns. How do we detect they’re possessed by one owner? You may have a quick look at their order form and see it yourself. So the verdict: this website has fake reviews as well. 
  3. Legitimate-Writing-Services.Blogspot.com: Ironically, a site claiming to offer help finding legitimate writing services is a bit of a fraud itself. As it is also another website owned by Universal Research Inc. The ratings are made-up and gullible students are encouraged to turn to the essay services owned by this company.
  4. Reviews.ClazWork.com: This is another site accused of forging reviews for absolutely alike services including EssayCaptains.com, Rospher.com, American-Writers.org, WriteWersity.com, EssayAcademia.com. As soon as one visits these services and proceeds with registration, they can detect the complete similarity of approach proving that these essay companies are possessed by one owner.
  5. AWriter.org: Seems like it’s been long time since we’ve heard of Universal Research Inc? Here it comes again. This is yet another review service owned by the company. Once again it’s designed to drive traffic to the essay mills like College-Paper.org, Easy-Essay.org, A-Writer.com etc.
  6. Sites.Google.com/site/BestEssayWritingServiceReview: The word ‘Google’ may have some elusive feeling of safety in it. However, as soon as one dig deeper into this site, and compares the websites, it’s clear as day that this is just another fake feedback. The following services like EssayExpert.us, EssayMaster.com and CustomThesis.org get busted by having the same order form. Thus, it’s likely they’re owned by one and the same company.
  7. College-Paper-Writing-Service.Reviews & Best-Essay-Writing.Services: These two sites are promoting top services like NinjaEssays.com, College-Paper.org, PapersGear.com. If you feel like you’ve been reading about these essay mills in our list already, you’re not wrong. Unfortunately, this is another example of a fake review service owned by (this is the pause for a drumroll) Universal Research Inc.
  8. BestEssayServiceReviews.com: We won’t even bother getting into details, as even we have already got bored of this company. Let’s just say – these are fake reviews and you’ve probably guessed the owner of this site. For those who haven’t, look at the previous website.
  9. AnalyzEdu.com: There’s no doubt that once you read the reviews at this service, you’ll notice that they’re written thoroughly and really good. The bad news is they’re all fake. Once again Universal Research Inc is promoting its essay mills through some aggressive traffic drive and imaginary feedback designed to encourage students to order papers at particular services.
  10. ToPaperWritingServices.com: The saddest thing about all the fake sites owned by Universal Research Inc (and this one isn’t an exception) is that it truly deceives students. We won’t surprise anyone by saying that almost every company writes some positive reviews about itself to attract clients. However, if the review then corresponds to the quality of a service, it can be forgiven. But this isn’t a case. Not only the company has an endless list of fake reviews, but they’re also dishonest in comparison with the quality they offer.
  11. StudyDemic.com: A dirty campaign of NetFix LLC, the owner of the essay mills like BoomEssays.com, EssayRoo.com and UKWritings.com. The only positive reviews are regarding these services, while other companies are rated as awful and having the worst feedback possible.

When I started to write reviews of essay writing services, I quickly realized that it’s hard to tell where’s the truth and where’s a lie. There are hundreds of websites with reviews from customers, but the feedback can vary dramatically. At some point, I finally understood that many of the customer reviews online are fake.

In this article, I will consider some popular review websites that publish fake reviews. Their reviews are not written by real customers, and the only purpose of these reviews is to make you think that you can trust some companies which in fact are unreliable. Some of these companies are scammers, while others provide low-quality services and use fake reviews in an attempt to change their bad reputation. Unfortunately, even some reliable writing services use fake reviews as a part of their aggressive marketing strategies. However, I recommend that you always stay away from websites listed in this article because fake reviews won’t help you find a good service that you can trust.

Common Signs of Fraud

According to my personal experience, a review website is fraudulent if it:

  • publishes positive reviews of websites owned by the same company;
  • includes fake negative reviews of competitors.

When visiting fake review websites, there’s no difference between “top services” because these are usually different websites that have the same owners and the same writers.

Now let’s take a closer look at fake review websites.


This is a fake website associated with Bid4Papers, EssayShark, and CustomWritings. These websites often use dishonest marketing strategies. They are owned by ONE Freelance Limited, and this company owns many more other websites dedicated to academic assistance and writing. If you check out such websites as CheapEssaysOnline.com, Writing-Help.com, RapidEssay.com, and IWantEssay.net, you will notice that all of these websites have the same order form.


This is one of the most popular review websites, but it doesn’t mean that it’s actually good. If you check out the top five writing services on this website, you will find out that these websites are owned by a Ukrainian company Boosta Ltd., which is notorious for its aggressive marketing strategies and fake reviews.


This website is owned by Universal Research Inc. This company has been caught on reselling academic papers multiple times, and it owns such websites as NinjaEssays.com, AustralianWritings.com, EssayMama.com, RushMyEssay.com, PapersGear.com, SuperiorPapers.com, EssaysCapital.com, AssignmentMasters.co.uk, RushEssay.com, and EssayOnTime.com. All of these websites have the same order form, and all of them deliver poor-quality papers.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing legitimate about this review website. Just like the previous website, this one has fake ratings, and its only purpose is to promote Websites owned by the same company: XpertWriters.com, College-Paper.org, and EssayMama.com.


This is the next site in my list of unreliable review sources. Check out websites with the highest ratings, and you will find out that these areEssayAcademia.com, EssayCaptains.com, WriteWersity.com, American-Writers.org, and Rospher.com. These websites also have the same registration forms, and customers are able to choose from among the same services. When making an order on any of these websites, you also have to provide the same details about your order.


It looks like the only purpose of this website is to drive traffic to other websites: A-Writer.com, ProEssayWriting.com, BestEssayTips.com, and College-Paper.org. The last website from this list is owned by Universal Research Inc.


When I just took the first look at this site, I thought that it’s legit. Legit review sites, however, don’t lead customers to websites with the same owners. The top three websites from this review source (EssayMaster.com, EssayExpert.us, and CustomThesis.org) are owned by the same company. Therefore, there’s no surprise that they also have the same order form.

College-Paper-Writing-Service.Reviews & Best-Essay-Writing.Services

When working on this list of fake review sites, the most difficult thing was to finally finish it. Sometimes I thought that this list would never end. This feeling was especially strong when I read “Universal Research Inc.” over and over again.

Check out the seven websites with the highest rating on the first website: BestEssays.com, NinjaEssays.com, College-Paper.org, RushMyEssay.com, XpertWriters.com, SuperiorPapers.com, and PapersGear.com. All these websites have the same registration process, and yes, they are owned by Universal Research Inc. Both of these review websites have identical lists of the best-rated services.


This source encourages visitors to make orders on websites that I’ve already mentioned: SuperiorPapers.com, BestEssays.com, and College-Paper.org, to be specific. These websites are owned by the same company as the previous two websites from this list.


The creators of this website put a lot of effort into making it look real, but a quick analysis and research immediately reveal its fakeness. The top three writing services from this rating are College-Paper.org, EssayMama.com, and RushMyEssay.com. All three websites are owned by Universal Research Inc., and as a result, their registration forms are completely identical.


When writing this article, at some point, I realized that Universal Research Inc. has one of the most aggressive and misleading marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. In this case, the company decided to make a lie its main selling point, as this website explicitly claims to be real. On this website, you can even find a fake system of criteria that doesn’t work as you would expect and simply recommends scammers instead.


I wasn’t really surprised when I found out that this website is owned by Universal Research Inc., as well. Obviously, this company has invested a lot of money into its misleading marketing campaign, creating tons of fake content with the only purpose of recommending fake writing services. At first, this website looks different from the previous sites owned by the same company. It is, however, quite similar to ToPaperWritingServices.com.


This website apparently positions itself as a self-proclaimed authority in the niche. It contains dozens of great reviews that claim that certain websites have no drawbacks whatsoever, all of which are obviously fake.


This fake review website is very popular, and you may even find its detailed reviews online. The website is full of fake feedback on such websites as TrustMyPaper.com, GrabMyEssay.com, EssayThinker.com, PremierEssay.com, and TopEssayWriting.com. These websites are almost the same and look like perfect copies of each other.


It seems like the owner of these websites thinks that students are the stupidest people in the world. This website is not only fake but also completely awful because of the used approach to marketing. According to this service, all essay writing services are a scam, and the only reliable services are UKWritings.com, EssayRoo.com, and BoomEssays.com. These websites are affiliated with another website owned by the notorious NetFix LLC — GrabMyEssay.com.


This website has tons of negative reviews of dozens of services, and some great reviews of EssayRoo.com, BoomEssays.com, and UKWritings.com. Obviously, this review source is also owned by NetFix LLC.


Unfortunately, services on this website were rated not by students but by their owners. All the ratings are based on fake reviews. The website is associated with GrabMyEssay.com and TopWritersReviews.com. Not surprisingly, this is just another source owned by NetFix LLC.


The authors of this website spent a lot of time creating a list of services that would appeal to the U.S. students. Unfortunately, there’re more lies on this website than anything else. The three websites with the best ratings have the same owners, and the reviews are obviously fake.

TopAustralianWriters.com, TopCanadianWriters.com, UKTopWriters.com, and BestBritishEssays.com

This fake review website targets demographics from different countries but leads them to sources owned by the same company — NetFix LLC. All the websites with the highest ratings from this list have the same registration forms. There are websites like OxEssays.com, GradeOnFire.com, UKWritings.com, BoomEssays.com, CanadianWritings.com, X-Essays.com, Australianhelp.com, EssayRoo.com, and BigAssignments.com. Not surprisingly, these websites are associated with GrabMyEssay.com and TopWritersReview.com.

Final words

Summing up, not only it’s difficult to find a trustworthy essay company these days, but it’s also impossible to find a review site you can rely on. We’ve examined just a few examples of websites that present imaginary information that has nothing to do with reality. However, there are more. That is why, the best advice we can give you – keep an open mind, be analytical and skeptical. This is the way to protect yourself from scams.

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