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When reviewing EssayShark, I realized that it’s difficult to quickly understand whether this wiring service is reliable or not. On the one hand, the company promises top-notch papers written by professionals and delivered on time. On the other hand, the customers’ feedback is somewhat mixed. There are many unreliable companies in this niche so it’s very important for students to know what websites they should avoid. The website is owned by ONE Freelance Limited, and it looks quite similar to The company offers a number of unique features, such as free previewing and a live chat with writers. However, the company’s offers and services are so similar to those of that it becomes really difficult to tell these two services apart.

My Story

The undeniable fact that EssayShark is almost identical to Bid4Papers should be a reason not to make any orders here, but I made such a mistake. I’ve been already disappointed by my experience with Bid4Papers so I was looking for a better option, but instead, I fell for the same trick again. Just check their “Top writers” sections:

Bid4papers top writers
EssayShark top writers

These 2 sites have the same top writers, their writers are ranged the same. What was I thinking?!

These two websites have identical interfaces, and they are owned by the same company. Moreover, is another website that belongs to this family. If you think that such things should be a red flag for customers, you’re right. However, I want to clearly indicate that these websites are not a scam. They deliver papers, and they have teams of writers.

What makes these services shady is the questionable marketing strategy. Why would a reliable company need to create several identical websites and identical services that rely on the same pool of writers?


The website has a bidding-based pricing system. When you place an order here, you can choose a writer yourself, which is certainly an advantage. However, you won’t be able to appreciate this advantage because the prices are too high. For instance, a five-page essay delivered in two days will cost you $120. Are there any discounts? No, I didn’t find any.


I think that this company should hire more professionals. I’ve had some unpleasant experience with ESL writers so I know that native English speakers are a must for any wiring service. According to SimilarWeb, most EssayShark writers are from Kenya, but there are also many writers from the Philippines (I doubt that those are clients and customers). Although some ESL writers are capable of writing decent papers, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take such a risk. Another interesting thing about this company is that it has almost the same writers demographics as its main competitors, such as StudyBay and EssayPro.


There is nothing unique about the payment system. Provide the necessary details about your assignment, choose a writer, and get your paper. That’s it.

Customer Support

Fast and effective customer support is one of the most important factors that I consider when choosing a writing service. Most custom wiring services have live chats available on their websites, which is a great solution. The EssayShark website doesn’t have a live chat, neither does it include a phone number. Just to ask about prices, I’ve been forced to submit my support query using a ticket system.

Money-Back Policy

The money-back policy is also quite similar to that of Bid4Papers, which is no surprise given that these two websites belong to the same company. You don’t need to pay until your paper is done. However, it’s impossible to get a full refund because there’s a difference between your bid and how much you’ve actually paid for the order. If you compare these two numbers, you will know the maximum amount of money that you can get back if anything goes wrong.

Is EssayShark Reliable?

Yes, EssayShark is a legit company, and the quality of its papers is not bad at all. Most customers say that they’ve been completely satisfied with their purchase. Perhaps, the only negative things about this company are the lack of transparency when it comes to marketing and high prices.

This company has many fake negative reviews on the internet, but after I ordered papers here, I can say that these reviews are far from being true. I would say that this service is a nice choice if you need to order a simple paper. However, I would choose another service for complex assignments.


  • The bidding system

You get an opportunity to choose a writer. In my opinion, bidding is one of the best approaches to pricing.

  • Unlimited revisions

You can request revisions as many times as you need and pay in parts, until you get the exact paper you’re looking for.


  • The marketing strategy

Identical websites with different names certainly don’t create a positive impression.

  • The lack of support

If you need timely help, you won’t be able to get it because the website doesn’t have a live chat and the company doesn’t receive phone calls.

My Verdict

I would recommend this service if you need a simple paper. However, don’t expect to get your papers for cheap. I won’t use this website in the future because I know many better options. Even EssayPro, which is an EssaySark’s partner website, is a better option because of the lower prices. EssayShark its the most expensive website among all of these copies.

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2 months ago

Ordered with essayshark and edubirdie once. Both of them provide you with the opportunity to chose a writer befor order submission. Didn’t like. birdie seems to have loads of indowriters. Shark looks like a fake site. I prefer to order directly or on upwork

2 months ago

I like this service, you can chose your writer before placing an order. It’s pretty cool

Reply to  Why?
2 months ago

Though it is a matter of research if those writers are real. Thank you for your feedback.

John B
John B
2 months ago

I love their mascot!

3 months ago

Essayshark is one of the opldest services. They are legit blimey.

Reply to  J.F.G
3 months ago

I didn’t say they aren’t. I said their papers are average.

trackback Review
4 months ago

[…] However, it’s certainly not the best either. I’ve used some similar websites that delivered much better papers. When making an order, you can choose the quality […]

5 months ago

One of the oldest sites in market. Seriously, they are good.

5 months ago

Ordered with them. Their paper was quite ok. I can’t say it was bad. It was original. Though, there was a lack of facts in it.

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