EssayGoAway.Com: Is There Something Worthy Except For A Nice Website?

What is EssayGoAway.Com? It is a popular essay writing service where students can get help when feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. They offer a wide range of different college papers. There are application essays, course works, reports, dissertations, etc. The service guarantees clients can get a paper in three hours. It is a sentence that probably attracts the majority of their customers. Everything sounds great, except for the writing samples that caught my attention. Why? Because clicking on them to get familiar with you are redirected to the other website!!! What is happening? Let’s find out. 

First Impression

It would be unfair to say the website isn’t user-friendly or easy to navigate. It is both things. Though it was created in the past decade, it looks modern and fresh. The web-design team is professional and you don’t need much time to understand it. The reason why the service is so attentive to its appearance is obvious. More than half of potential clients decide whether they will order a paper from an essay service based on their impression of the website’s interface. There is no logic, but it is fact. And while it is great to correspond with modern tendencies, such a situation affects students’ grade and reputation badly and leads to awful circumstances. 

I am not going to jump to conclusions based on my first impression, but it is the foundation to keep my investigation. As often flawless design is purposed to hide something disturbing. 

Besides a good design, EssayGoAway offers their clients professional academic help in many fields. Students of all possible disciplines can order a paper here. The service offers help with writing bibliographies, solving problems, proofreading and editing dissertation, term papers, and any other kinds of college papers. Everyone decides for themselves, but for me, it is too good to be true, so I checked the webarchive as it is the easiest and fastest way to see when the website was created and who is the owner. 

I was surprised with the year the service was presented. It works in the essay writing market for less than 3 years but already has called itself professional academic writing assistance. To be called that, you have to get huge experience and see all kinds of academic writing assignments. But it is too difficult to do in two and a half years. Now, it becomes clear why they don’t write much about themselves on the website.

The next thing I found out, the service was created by a company that owns one more outsourcing service EssayAssist.Com which unexpectedly is an essay writing assistant, too. It might be a daughter company or a branch. It is possible. But we don’t rely on the possibility, we’ll make sure. 

The Core Features 

Long story short, I hate when someone tries to trick me and I am eager to save others from such an experience. I was a student, I studied at school, and for all those years I didn’t like to write essays. I was great at presentations and speaking, but the writing was a disaster for me. And luckily, there already were reliable essay writing services I could rely on. 

EssayGoAway claims their clients are satisfied and they have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I don’t believe in such statements without evidence. Thus, I have decided to get one by myself, if the service did nothing to provide me with it. Let’s start with a quick cons and pros overview.


  • The interface. It is not the most important thing of the essay writing service, it is amazing, though. Everything is easy to understand. You don’t have to think about where to get information or how to contact the customer support team. Plus, it is really creative and stylish. EssayGoAway design is an example of the leading marketing hacks and tools. It doesn’t sell, it communicates, shows and invites for further cooperation politely. 
  • Price Calculator. Sure, as you can guess, it is amazingly designed. And it is there. You can check whether you can afford the service before making an order. 
  • Speed. The essay service promises your essay can be done in less than three hours. It is an extremely short deadline. And it is a rare finding. Though, you need to understand it will cost extra money.
  • Attractive prices. You can order a paper here at a price of $10 per page. It is a very competitive price. Also, the company guarantees Full and partial Refunds in certain cases. The detailed information is placed on the page about the Refunds. 


  • No company registration information. You can’t find any information related to company owners, dates of its creation, official documents, etc. It is a red flag. Most likely, it means the company is hiding something and prefers not to talk about it. 
  • No social media presence. There are no links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is a little bit odd for a young progressive company not to have social media accounts. It provokes doubts. 
  • No direct access to a list of services. Though the interface is great, there are some flaws. For instance, you can’t see what service the company offers until you use a pricing tool. 
  • No option to pick the writer. The company assigns your paper to the writer independently. You don’t know who they will pick and have to trust their expertise. It doesn’t add confidence, and on the contrary, makes existing anxiety even more frustrating. 
  • Improper samples. This is the big one. Actually, this is the issue that made me investigate hard. 

Samples Issue 

Almost every essay writing service published samples of their papers online to show their potential clients what they are capable of. You can’t use it for your own purposes, and while it is published online and can’t be used, it has to be presented only at one website, the one you are going to order your paper from. And the situation with EssayGoAway is different. 

There are about a dozen samples on the website. I have chosen a couple of them and decided to check if they are original and belong to this website exclusively. The papers I’ve picked were essays written on Ethics, Social Science, and technology coursework. 

As I expected, I found these samples on the EssayAssist website that is a property of the EssayGoAway owner, too. What is more interesting, on each website the same papers have been presented as essays for different disciplines and establish different levels of academic compliance. 

Okay, everyone has a right to make a mistake. Perhaps, it is a fatal misunderstanding? Let’s give them a chance and check the other sample. Are they original? No. 

The next essay sample I checked was published on another website even before EssayGoAway was created. There is a statement that the rights belong to EssayGoAway. But how is it even possible? 

You decide whether you want to entrust your paper to this service. 

List Of Services 

At the EssayAssist you can order: 

  • argumentative essay
  • case study
  • personal statement
  • movie review
  • admission essay
  • problem solving 

You can get familiar with the full list only by checking the pricing policy or using a special price tool. Probably, you can ask customer support what services the company offers, too. 

If you don’t need writing from scratch service, you can order here editing or proofreading help. 

Pricing Policy

This section has no flaws. The prices are stated on the website, they are clear and competitive. You can find them on the main page and also in the special tab. The list of prices is comprehensive and shows all kinds of services the company offers. Certainly, prices depend on the deadline, the kind of paper, the service you have ordered, the writer you prefer. No tricks. Everything is standard. 

Prices are published everywhere. No need to worry you will misunderstand something. When ordering a paper, you’ll be able to check whether the prices are suitable for you at least three times — before you order a paper using the pricing tool, specifying your details in the ordering form, and before leaving your contact and proceeding with the payment. No extra money will be charged without notifying you. 

Unfortunately, EssayGoAway does not offer their customers discounts on a regular basis, or for the first order. If a client would like to get a better price, they have to subscribe to the website’s news. I am not sure what modern students think of it, but I truly don’t like this marketing hook and always try to avoid it. It is outdated and annoying. Not my choice. 

The Quality 

While the service claims their writers are the best in the field, the customers, me included, are finding their samples on the other websites. It is evidence of dishonesty and an absence of respect for the clients. Nevertheless, there are good examples of essays and there are random satisfied clients, thus the service could do its job well. 

The company promises free revision and a full refund if needed. It is good, as fraud would never return your money. Yet, you have to be very careful making an order, as the service would return your money under millions of conditions. Make an informed decision to save yourself from cooperation you will probably regret. Learn your rights and opportunities before making an order and later on, you’ll be prepared for any outcome. 

Here, an EssayGoAway the writers are not only English native speakers. Considering the fact you can’t pick a writer, be ready to get a paper that will be written by someone with English as a second language. If you are a foreign student, it is alright. But if you are an English speaking student and will submit a paper written by someone who learned it in adult life, there could be problems. 

Customer Support

The customer support is pretty professional and experienced. They work on a round-o-clock basis and are available all over the world. You can reach customer support specialists via all possible and existing channels, everything is for your comfort. 

A chatbot is working properly and responds to requests quickly. The phone line could be busy, but it is normal for a company this big. Also, you can always leave a request to receive a callback. You better spend money on essay writing, than talking, right? 

How to Make an Order

The process is simple. There is an order form you have to fill up. Each line offers an explanation about what you have to put there. As always, you need to state what type of college paper you need, what the length is, what academic level you need, the discipline, the title, and obviously, the deadline. Sure, it is better to specify as many details and requirements as possible. Do not be short. Each of your preferences is useful and helps to write a paper that will meet your expectations. 

After that, you have to provide the payment. It is easy and safe (at least, nothing suspicious here). The essay company accepts different cards and works with online payments. It makes the service more approachable and popular among students all over the world. 

Customer Feedbacks

There are not many reviews on the Internet, but they seem honest and real. Though I didn’t find the reviews on the actual websites EssayGoAway has pictures with reviews from, I found reviews on the other platforms. 

Here, people write good things about the service. Sure, nothing is perfect, but there is a small percentage of completely negative reviews. And if it is the real situation, it is amazing. Yet, I can’t be sure those feedbacks are real and written by actual customers as the samples weren’t unique and there were fake reviews presented on the website. Maybe, it is just an attempt to look better, but as you see it can affect your reputation even more than lack of reviews or no reviews at all. 

Final Words 

There are good and bad things about the EssayGoAway service. Let’s start with the good.

They have great prices each student can afford. The range of services is satisfying, too. The customer can order everything in one place. Also, you’ll be pleased to work with the website as it is comprehensive and stylish.

However, there are red flags I have to emphasize. The service posts fake reviews and non-original samples on its page. Perhaps, it is just the way to attract new customers. But if it is not honest and fair, is it possible overall their performance is such, too? 

If you are tight on budget, you might want to try this one. But still, think twice before making an order. 

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