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A Few Words About EssayBox Writing Service

To Start

Today, there are many essay writing platforms that provide their service online, yet, it is still difficult to find the reliable one. I’ve been through a lot during my college years, and now I’m willing to make it somewhat easier for future or current students to unveil the most famous (or even spammy) of them. After years of searching, I’ve tested over 100 of essay services. And in this article, I’m going to review one of them. 

EssayBox is our character. It is a company that operates legitimately. There is a wide range of writers’ levels at EssayBox and customer support representatives.

First try:

When I’m thinking about my student’s years, I don’t feel nostalgic or sad. I feel despair. Each time I was assigned to write an essay, I became anxious about it. Academic writing is not my strength and it never was. Thus, each time writing an essay was extremely stressful for me. Plus, I never got good grades. So, all those worries and days of struggling were fruitless. 

And while I was doing my best to finally get an A grade, some of my mates were using services that offered writing help and were enjoying their days and “B”-marks, which is not so bad. I’ve given it a thought and decided to try it, too. My best friend who was originally from Peru and was not excellent in English suggested EssayBox. And I started to use it.

The first essay I ordered there brought me “C”!!!! But after revision I’ve got “B” which is ok for me. I needed someone to write plagiarism-free paper about my topic with the average quality. And I got it.

The major thing students are interested in is the quality of the papers EssayBox service delivers. Based on my experience and the reviews I found on the Internet, EssayBox writers deliver original academic papers and mostly meet the customers’ expectations, unless it is a Master degree paper. You won’t find here any pre-written essays. Moreover, the papers are always checked with the Plagiarism tools, so a client can be sure they are written from scratch. 

I believe you can rely on the EssayBox when a paper you need is long, deep, and has to include strong arguments. Though, it is better for ESL students, I must say! Sure, you can order simpler essays, and you will get what you expect. But the price, probably, is not suitable for the usual essays of 300 words. 

There is one thing you have to pay attention to, though. While EssayBox claims there are only English native speakers among their writers, check twice before ordering. When you’re filling up the Order form, you’ll see you can choose the native speakers. Thus, you can choose a non-native speaker, as well. It is even better to write your preferences via chat box, so you are sure you were understood correctly. 

What About Money?

As I mentioned before, EssayBox isn’t the cheapest essay writing service. It asks $34 for a regular essay to be written in 5 days. Sure, you saw some more affordable variants. Me, too.

If, however, you can’t afford it right now, take advantage of a 10% discount for new customers. It was created exactly for students who are in doubt but have no time to find something trustworthy. 

To pay for the essay, you can choose from a long list of payment methods EssayBox accepts. You can use your physical card and e-wallet, as well. Thus, the payment is convenient and protected.

What Do Other Customers Say?

Obviously, one opinion is not enough. To get a full view, we need to hear about different people’s feedback. So, I did. Luckily, essay writing is the field where customers tend to leave reviews more willingly than in any other field. So, what are the reviews on EssayBox?

Plenty of them are positive. So, what bad could you say about such an approach? 

If you will go to SiteJabber, or Trustpilot, the most reliable reviews platforms, you’ll find gratefulness and appreciation. People write about the prompt delivery and attention to details, the advantages of direct contact with the writer, and absolute privacy. Nevertheless, there are negative comments. What are they about? The prices and quality of paper from time to time. 

Good to see that EssayBox does not hide and work with negative reviews. It adds just more points to their professionalism and humanity. 


Except for quality, customers always want to cooperate with the companies that offer real guarantees and stick to them. What guarantees will you get signing a contract with EssayBox?

  1. Legality. The EssayBox is legal and works within the law. It sticks to the obligations stated in the contract and fulfills its duties completely. 
  2. Privacy. Your personal data is protected and never will be passed to third parties. All your interactions remain confidential.
  3. Money back option. In case, you won’t be satisfied with the papers, or the service won’t be able to find a writer for you, there is a money back option you can make use of. 
  4. Revisions. Surely, EssayBox offers its customers the possibility to revise a paper and it is included in the price. To take advantage of this option, you have to inform the writer or the customer support specialist not later than 10 days after the delivery date. 
  5. High educated writers. The majority of them hold PhD degrees and have an experience in the academic writing field. Thus, you can’t be 100% confident your college paper will be flawless. 


  • Not Bad Quality. The papers are always original, edited, and proofread. 
  • Support. Despite the online format, the customer support shows the best example of understanding, hearing out, and giving a hand. 


  • Imperfection. Sometimes, customers need a few revisions before a paper will meet their expectations. It takes more time, so it is reasonable to make an order beforehand if possible. 
  • Pricing policy. The service is created to deliver complex and deep papers, thus the prices are not as affordable as on other less reliable essay writing platforms. 

My vision

Everyone deserves to make an informed decision. And here is a contribution to the information you can find about EssayBox online. The company is legit. To make your choice please go through EssayBox reviews in Internet one more time, or simply make a regular order. Good luck!

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1 year ago

Seriously…. these services are all the same. I have several accounts with different services. I don’t see the difference.

1 year ago

Hello again. Do they take from $28 per Ph.D page?… that’s quite expensive…

Reply to  Mark
1 year ago

Yes, Mark. This service is one of the most expensive among US services. Though you may check UK services (ivoryresearch as an example) and you’ll be surprised with their prices. Those are incredibly expensive.

1 year ago

Oh! I mixed it with Speedy service.

1 year ago

Thanks for this information. But I still believe it’s a cheating.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

Depends on your intentions. If you order it for cheating, than yes. It is cheating 😀

1 year ago

Essaybox is a messy service. Their spammers all around in quora. That sucks.

1 year ago

Nice post! Thank you!

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