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Let me guess what you are doing now. Looking for a reliable essay writing website, right? This is why you came here. Well, who am I to judge? Here you will find my fresh review on the EssayAssist service, a platform that willingly solves plenty of students’ issues, but sometimes could be contradictory. I may be mistaken, my review may be a little bit biased, that’s why I always recommend to read several sources.

The First Glimpse

Let’s start with its “face”. EssayAssist pays great attention to its website. It is user-friendly, stylish, and easy to process. It is properly organized and designed. A customer will have no problems looking for the needed information. It has an Order button on each page. Thus, the client can calculate the price, see which writers are available, and what deadline is possible right now, in a few clicks. 

The Order form itself is easy to use. It allows you to put the necessary information in a proper way and not to miss something. The obligatory fields are kept to a minimum. Yet, you can put your preferences, expectations, and strict requirements in the Comments field, and they will be taken seriously. 

I made use of that field and wrote some odd things just to check if they read the field. They did! I can tell it for sure. I really like this level of attention to my requests. 

After all the data is provided, the customer will be redirected to the payment page. EssayAssist accepts only PayPal payments. To me, it is kind of strange not to have options to pay with a card, but considering the popularity of PayPal today, I suggest, this is not a problem at all. 

Also, I have to mention, we can find the Money Back Policy and Prevision Policy at the bottom of the main page. It is not as noticeable as it might be, but it is right here. An experienced customer will find it in no time. And it is an important document each customer needs to learn before making an order. 

Experienced Customer’s Opinion

Personally, I got a satisfying experience with EssayAssist. I’d say, their essays are in my TOP 10. I had an unusual request and was ready to receive a poor paper, but I was wrong. Having ordered a research paper on a modern poem, I got an interesting and provoking piece of academic writing. It brought me a B. Perhaps, the grade could be higher, but the subject was a little bit too much even for my professor. 

There is one thing I didn’t like. The writer wasn’t too cooperative and friendly, however, he did a good job and I didn’t regret my choice. 

Random Customers’ Opinions

Though my experience is pretty comprehensive, it never hurts to listen to others. Who knows what person you are. Do you prefer the approach I like or seek the kind of interaction I avoid? Let’s see what other customers write. 

Surfing through Trustpilot or SiteJabber proves the website is worthy. There are many good reviews and satisfied clients. They thank the writers and recommend the service. Some of them even include the number of the order and the subject. Thus, if you are struggling with the same subject, you will find a unique recommendation crafted for students like you. 

Despite the number of good reviews, there are some doubts. I didn’t find reviews from 2010, for example. And the company has been providing its service since 2008. Do they have the Internet then? Sure. Why are there no reviews then? I don’t know. Maybe, because some of them are fake. Or, maybe, students didn’t like to leave their opinion on services like this. 

Anyway, plenty of reviews are true, to me. I had a similar experience and can say the same things about the service. And, after all, a quality of a paper means more than some random review. 


EssayAssist writers are not bad. My paper was written from scratch, I am confident. It was intriguing and eye-catching. I suppose, somehow, my subject was interesting for the writer and he wrote it with passion. 

Nevertheless, the paper was a bit confusing. It wasn’t polished or edited. It looked like a draft that was rewritten several times. Making an order, I chose the Bachelor’s degree writer, and, hopefully, this is the reason the paper I got had some typos and stylistic mistakes. 

On the other hand, it brought me a good grade and wasn’t suspicious for my professor, and it is a good sign. It means, the writers know how to write an essay so it sounds like you. 

I think, to get a top-notch essay, a potential client has to choose the PhD writer. It will cost more, but the paper will be much better and rich. 

Pricing Policy

EssayAssist is the most affordable essay writing service. They offer you to write a High School essay at the price $10 per page. It is generous and has no real competitors. 

There is no obvious information about the discounts, but I’ve heard they offer a 5% discount for the first order. The percentage is not high, but the prices are low, too, so it is a good offer. To check if the service is good enough for you, you can place a 1 page order and spend less than $10. It is a great way to attract new clients. Perhaps, these guys aren’t the best when it is about quality, but they are good when it comes to interesting marketing offers. 

Moreover, EssayAssist provides clients with unlimited free revisions. Thus, you shouldn’t pay extra cash if you have some edits. Great feature! 

Loyalty Program 

Again, when it comes to offers, EssayAssist rules. The service offers its clients a referral program. As soon as you’ve created an EssayAssist account, you’ll get a unique code to invite your friend. If they will make an order using your code, you’ll get 10% of their order. 

Thus, if a couple of your friends will make use of your invitation, you’ll be able to pay for the next order with the money they brought you. Also, you could withdraw it to your PayPal. Unbelievably generous! You will not only save friends suggesting a good service but also can make some money yourself. 

Customer Support

The EssayAssist customer support is fast, polite, and helpful. They will easily update you every hour about the essay writing process and pass new inputs, if there are, to the writer in 10 minutes. They are professional communicators. 

However, I wasn’t 100% satisfied. I had many questions and kind of attacked a customer support guy with them. It was simultaneously a test from my side and my true questions I wanted to get answers to. The guy was very polite and used a lot of smilies in the messenger, but he didn’t answer my questions the way I expected. All I got was a detached person that isn’t allowed to be rude. Nothing awful happened, but nothing extraordinary, as well. It is room for your improvement, guys. 

  • Affordability. The moment you’ll see the prices, you’re on the hook. It is an absolutely affordable essay service with the appropriate overall performance. 
  • Attractive referral program. You can not only save money with EssayAssist low prices but also earn some. 
  • User-friendly interface. Easy to follow guides and comprehensive Order form. 
  • Robotic customer support with no human face.
  • Average quality. To get a superb paper, you have to pay more, even though the service offers the best prices. 

To Sum Up

EssayAssist is a legit essay writing service that offers students good and affordable essays. They deliver papers on deadline and do not promise something they will not be able to deliver. Their policies are fair and plain, thus, you can trust them.

Though my experience wasn’t as good as I’d like, I recommend this website if you need a paper of average quality and are tight on budget. The papers you get from EssayAssist are original and free of plagiarism, and this is, except for prices, what makes them so demanded and popular. 

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1 year ago

It seems to be that dissertation assistance starts at $24 per page. Is that correct?


Reply to  Mark
1 year ago

Hello Mark. Yes, you are correct.

1 year ago

Do you have a discount code for this service? I’m looking for someone to write my 10-pages research paper asap.

Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

Unfortunately, I don’t. Please google it, I’m sure you will find several.

1 year ago

They are ok. Price policy is pretty fine.

1 year ago

You’ve written that you recommend several sources. How do you know if these services aren’t fake?

Reply to  Rassel
1 year ago

To answer your question please read this article

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