Essay writing sites’ fact checking

What do they hide? The Array of Websites Managed by a Single Company

There is a contradictory topic that is discussed for ages in the essay writing field. And I want to share my opinion about it. We used to think that a website represents only one company. Maybe, it was so some time ago. Today, a company can create tens of websites that will help it to get its income. Such a strategy is very popular in essay writing. 

Many essay writing helpers invest in creating many websites to gain more traffic. The majority of us used to prejudge such an approach. And I was among them. But then, I made an effort to look at it differently. After all, judging is the easiest way. Understanding of reasons is much harder. And where is the truth hiding? Sure, in the forest of analysis and critical thinking. 

Follow me! Let’s try to find out why some companies still stick to this trend and whether it is bad or not. 

Managing Multiple Websites that link to a single company – is it reasonable?

Why do businesses create plenty of websites if there is only one operating company? To grow fast, to attract more clients, to take over different markets. The answer is obvious, and there is nothing shameful about it. I just listed the main goals of any startup. It is one more tool to succeed. 

We can keep trying to understand why our society is so unfair or envious. But instead, I offer you to see how it works. 

So, what exactly do they do with the websites so they have a valuable impact and help the company to gain exposure?

  1. Offering more functions

Each website is designed for different clients. Some of them offer freelance writers service so students who can’t afford certified writers can use their service anyway. 

Others, to the contrary, offer only experienced writers so the clients who don’t trust freelancers will be satisfied, too. Everyone gets what they need. 

  1. Price range

The companies sort their clients due to their spending power. 

On some websites, the visitors see slightly lower prices than average on the market or can make use of the discount. The main target of these sites is high school students, freshmen at college. 

The others offer higher prices. They are built for PhD students mainly. 

All the clients have one goal, but each of them has different expectations and budgets. The companies use these features to their own benefit, that’s all. 

  1. Hitting the precise target

Different websites help to give clients exactly what they need, saving their time and efforts. Some websites offer only application essay writing services. It is great for college applicants. They don’t need term papers or any other kinds of assignments. They need to get into college first. 

Other websites are crafted for students of math faculties. There are science assignments help, labs writing, etc. 

When you see the company specifics in your field exactly, the decision is made easier and faster. It makes life simpler for both sides. 

  1. Location

This point is absolutely clear and needs no explanation. If your client is from the USA, you offer them payment in USD, payment methods that are popular in this region, assign their paper to English native speakers. When it is Europe, you change the inputs, depending on the region. 

So, what are the risks?

While many college assistance services succeed thanks to managing plenty of websites and remain legit, many others do it to get money and deliver very bad service or no service at all.

Case 1. Google algorithms

It’s unbelievable that these scammers have extremely high rankings. Times when there were really the best companies on the first page are gone. Now, you have to do your research no matter how high the website is.

Luckily, it is pretty easy to find out if the service is a scammer. Use a good old keyword search. 

I tried “write my essay” and was shocked. Firstly, in a good way; then, in a very bad one. There are plenty of websites that are optimized for this keyword. They offer outstanding service, good prices and work under short deadlines. Great, that’s what I need! But, wait a minute? Why do they compete with three more similar unknown websites that are owned by one company? Nonsense! 

In fact, it is a well-known way to get profit. And they do by leaving you with nothing. 

Case 2. Untrue ratings

I pointed out this kind of behavior in the second place, but it irritates me the most. Fake reviews keep spreading all over the internet so you don’t know anymore what to believe. 

Unfortunately, most students can’t analyze if the review is true on their own and get scammed by these untrustworthy essay writing services. 

Some college assistance companies create not only websites that offer you essay writing help, but also review websites that are full of fake reviews. These frauds aim to assure their customers they are legit and reliable. But after a short analysis, you’ll see all the feedback is fake. They are either too good to be true, or too abstract to be real. 

Besides deceived students, there is one more sad consequence. Legit and trustworthy essay writing services are forced to create similar review websites just to stay visible. 

Make an Informed Decision

Before ordering a custom essay on the web, do your research. 

  1. If something makes you doubt, you are not sure if the service is worth working with, take your time. Read about this company; ask your friends if they know something. Make sure there is nothing suspicious.
  2. Read only trustworthy reviews on famous and protected review platforms. Do not trust reviews that you see on the company’s website. Try to contact the reviewer if there is such an option.
  3. Make an effort to know which company is hidden behind the essay writing website. What are the opinions on the web?
  4. Always pay great attention to order forms on different websites. If they are identical or similar, think twice before making an order.
  5. When the decision is made, remember about the common mistakes newbie clients make and avoid them. 

And keep in mind, the absence of negative reviews is a bad sign. There is no real company that satisfies all its customers. So, if everyone is just happy and thankful, run away. It is almost definitely fraud. 

Use your head, even if you pay someone to write an essay for you. No, in this case, use your head even harder. Do not waste your money.