EduBirdie is a quite popular writing service, especially on Reddit. However, many students are not sure whether this service is reliable or not so I decided to write a review.

This writing service was created by Ukrainian company Boosta. The website is pretty basic, and you need to provide your email to get started. Some of the features are available on the home page so you can see whether or not this service meets your requirements.

One of the distinctive features of EduBirdie is that it has a bidding system. Therefore, customers can choose writers with the best prices. However, I wouldn’t say that EduBirdie is as good as other bidding services that I’ve seen before.

Given that EduBirdie has been in the custom-writing business for quite a while, it’s easy to understand that you’re dealing with a legit company. I mean, it actually works. Obviously, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and to evaluate this service properly, I needed to analyze this company in more detail.

The main thing you should know about EduBirdie is that its pricing system is based on bidding. Therefore, when you place an order, the company won’t look for a writer for you. Instead, you need to pick a writer yourself.

My Story

I thought that it’s a nice writing service until I actually received my paper. I needed a five-page essay on Psychology, and the topic was relatively simple. If I had more time, I would write this essay but I decided to order it online. Given that I’ve heard a lot about EduBirdie, I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t looking for anything extraordinary so I’ve chosen a standard quality level and a writer with the highest bid. I contacted my writer and explained all the details about my order so I expected some good results for my money.

I said that I need my paper in three days, and my writer delivered the first draft on time. However, it was far from perfect so I asked for a revision. Fortunately, offers limitless free revisions so, after I was unsatisfied with the second version, as well, I asked for a revision again. After four revisions, I got a nice paper, but the deadline had already passed.

My professor wasn’t happy with the essay. He criticized my writing, and I got 11/35. Given that I’ve already approved this order, I couldn’t request a refund. Therefore, I simply decided not to use EduBirdie anymore and to write an honest review.

Maybe I’ve just chosen a bad writer, who knows. However, He had the highest bid, so this means that the bidding system certainly doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. I purchased a basic essay that couldn’t impress any professor. If I spent a few hours writing a basic essay based on the information from Wikipedia, I would certainly do a better job.


As I’ve already explained, there is no specific price chart. Prices start at $13.99 per page and depend on numerous factors, including deadlines, the academic level, and the type of paper. However, prices are generally high. If you need a five-page essay, you won’t be able to buy it for less than $200. Another drawback of this service is that it doesn’t offer any discounts or bonuses.

Anyway, you can choose a writer with the lowest or the highest price. As soon as you provide the necessary details about your order, writers start to bid on it, and you can choose one of many writers who are ready to do the job.

There are no fixed prices so everything depends on a particular writer. Therefore, it makes sense to expect the best writers to have the highest prices. However, my experience didn’t demonstrate any connection between the price and the quality of writing.


I wouldn’t say that this service provides the worst quality possible. However, it’s certainly not the best either. I’ve used some similar websites that delivered much better papers. When making an order, you can choose the quality level.

  • Standard quality
    This category includes all verified writers.
  • Premium quality
    These are writers who have at least a Bachelor’s degree and an 80% success rate. These writers also pass a quality assurance check. This option will cost you +10% of the price of your order.
  • Platinum quality
    These are writers with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree and a 90% success rate, who have finished more than 30 orders. This option costs +15%.

As you can see, standard-quality papers don’t pass the quality assurance check. It’s hard to understand how the company selects writers for standard-quality papers, but I would suggest that you don’t choose the standard quality if you need a decent paper.

What Writers Say

I found some feedback from EduBirdie writers on the internet. One of them says the prices of Premium and Platinum quality papers start at $12-14 per page, while Standard papers cost $8 per page or more. Deadlines don’t influence the price of orders. The writer notes that the company always does its best to resolve any disputes and most customers were satisfied with the service. This writer had a good rating and completed hundreds of papers, but he was fired for some unknown reasons. 

Unlike many low-quality services, EduBirdie compensates its writers fairly, which is good. Not all essay writing services are fair with their writers. For instance, you can visit This site will redirect you to — another website managed by Boosta. Freelancers often use this source to apply for custom writing jobs, but I recommend that you don’t use this website if you need decent papers.

According to online reviews, the company requires writers to pass some tests to evaluate their skills, but these tests are ridiculously easy. Customers cannot be sure that they’re working with real professionals, and it seems like this is the case with EduBirdie, as well.


After you choose a writer for your order, you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. The website also supports PayPal payments.


I recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions before making an order. For instance, once your paper is uploaded, you only have three days to request a refund. Moreover, if the company decides that you had no solid reasons to request a refund, it can still pay some percentage of your money to the writer.

The refund policy is very complex but the company promises that you will get your money back if you meet their criteria described in the refund policy section of the website.

To get a refund, just click the “Request Refund” button. The amount will be converted into EduBirdie credits that you’ll be able to use for your next orders.

Is EduBirdie Legit?

I can say that it’s a legit writing service. EduBirdie is not the worst custom writing company I know, and its reputation is also not bad. Therefore, this service is exactly what I mean when I say “legit.” If you want to know whether or not EduBirdie is legal, the answer is yes, it is. Most writing services are absolutely legal, and they have teams of lawyers who help them find loopholes in state laws so they always act according to the law and follow all the necessary rules.

Fraud Activity and Online Reputation

Fake photos

You can find a list of EduBirdie writers on the website, but their photos are fake. I personally googled a few photos of writers and they turned out to be stock photos. Some photos were simply stolen from people that have nothing to do with custom writing. For instance, I found a “writer” who happened to be a nurse. However, the funniest story about fake photos is that Julian Vasquez Heilig, a professor from California State University once found out that he is Professor Robert, an Advanced writer at EduBirdie.

Fake reviews

If you google “EduBirdie,” the search results will display many fake review websites and partner websites with fake positive reviews, which is certainly a red flag. For instance, I found links to such fake sites as,,, and There are also dozens of other fake sites and affiliate websites with fake reviews. Obviously, EduBirdie gets a lot of traffic from fake websites and affiliate sites, most of which are also owned by Boosta.

How do I know that these websites are fake? Well, it’s easy to see. If you visit at least a few of them, you will notice that they are designed almost identically, and the reviews are also quite generic. Boosta also owns many other websites that offer custom writing, and some of them look identical to EduBirdie. For instance, you can check out

Paid promotions

Couple of years ago, BBC published materials that proved that EduBirdie paid influencers to promote the company. After the scandal, YouTube blocked about 1,400 videos from influencers like JMX, Alpay B, and Adam Saleh. Of course, influencer marketing is widely used by many brands. However, EduBirdie fails to deliver what it promises. After watching ads on YouTube, many students might think that EduBirdie can help them get great papers and A grades, but they almost certainly will be disappointed.

After the BBC team ordered essays on, these essays received poor grades, and it became obvious that this service doesn’t keep its promises. More than 250 influencers were penalized by YouTube for advertising cheating. However, some of the influencers deleted their videos about EduBirdie even before YouTube started to block them. As a result, EduBirdie’s reputation was seriously damaged.

I recommend that you take all this information into account before ordering your papers on I’ve already listed a lot of things that are red flags. However, EduBirdie still remains a popular writing service. It’s not a scam, but neither is it good.

Real Ownership

When I finished writing this review, EduBirdie was no longer owned by Boosta Ltd. According to the official press release, the service was purchased by I3 Technology Ltd. However, I’m sure that it was a strategic move because EduBirdie’s reputation suffered from associations with Boosta. I just hope that EduBirdie will provide better papers under the new management.

Is It Safe?

There is a lot of controversial feedback on EduBirdie, but there’s a big difference between scammers and legit writing services that sell overpriced papers. EduBirdie is safe to use. Moreover, you may be completely satisfied with the quality of writing if you’re looking for very simple papers.

If You Get Caught

Professors know that students often buy their papers on EduBirdie or other custom writing websites. If you get caught and your teacher figures out that the paper you’ve submitted was written by somebody else, it will be a really bad situation. How bad it will be, however, depends on your teacher. For instance, they may or may not decide to take any disciplinary actions.

The good news is that, given that EduBirdie protects its customers’ personal data, it’s almost impossible to prove that you purchased your paper online. Besides, your teacher won’t have any reason to suspect you if your paper is original. I also recommend that you always read your papers carefully before submitting them and memorize the key information. This way, you’ll be able to answer your teacher’s questions as if it was your paper.


  • Bidding. This is a great feature that enables you to choose the best writer.
  • Support. Customer support also works well. Support representatives are friendly and well-trained.
  • Limitless revisions. If you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can ask for as many revisions as you need.


  • Mediocre writers. If anything can be improved about this company, it’s the writers’ professional level.
  • Fake photos of writers. It’s difficult for me to trust a company that steals photos from strangers and doesn’t have real writers’ profiles.
  • Fake reviews. Good, reliable writing services don’t need to publish fake reviews, risking their reputation.
  • Identical websites. If you choose any other custom writing website owned by Boosta, you can be sure that you’re dealing with the same team of writers.

My Verdict

I cannot call EduBirdie the best writing service. Yes, it’s legit, and it’s quite popular among students. However, if I needed to order a paper online, I wouldn’t purchase overpriced mediocre papers written by random writers that don’t pass any quality assurance tests.

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1 year ago

Why don’t they have bonus system?

Reply to  L.D.
1 year ago

No idea

1 year ago

Oh! I’ve seen their ads in youtube! It was so weird to hear this kind of recommendation from rappers lol

2 years ago

Ordered with essayshark and edubirdie once. Both of them provide you with the opportunity to chose a writer befor order submission. Didn’t like. birdie seems to have loads of indowriters. Shark looks like a fake site. I prefer to order directly or on upwork

2 years ago

Ordered with edubirdie and essayshark once. These 2 sites provide you with the opportunity to choose your writer BEFORE order submission. I had a feeling that edubirdie has loads of indo-writers and essayshark’s writers are fake. I would prefer to order with upwork or directly.

John B
John B
2 years ago

EduBirdie is such a douchebag service. There are indian and kenia writers only. I have ordered with them earlier. Never use it.

2 years ago

I am the one who ordered my first essay on edubirdie after youtube ad. Nevertheless I’m still using it and quite pleased.

Reply to  Dimk
2 years ago

Can you please specify what channel it was?

Denniese Brown
Denniese Brown
2 years ago

Hi guys. What do you think about that situation with BBC investigation? How do you think, will it stop other vloggers from advertising essay writing companies?

Reply to  Denniese Brown
2 years ago

hi, as far as I can see this situation influenced that source of advertising pretty much. It’s harder to find vloggers who are ready to post your ads.

2 years ago

Hi. There are loads of edu / birdies / owls / hawks, etc. Are they the same service? Y do they do clone-sites? Thank you.

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