DissertationWritings.com: A Review From a Student

Generally speaking, it’s a reliable company. Even though its website looks quite dated, there are not many things that deserve criticism. My paper was delivered on time, and the support service answered all of my questions. If you haven’t used this company yet, you should definitely give it a try.

Students need reviews of dissertation writing services because choosing the right company to order your dissertation is a time-consuming process, and not all companies actually deserve your trust, money, and time. You should only choose writing services that actually deliver good papers, and you won’t be able to know what you should expect from a certain company unless you read reviews from other students who’ve already used the same service. I decided to try Dissertation Writings, and I didn’t regret my decision because this website is legit, and everyone can use it safely.

Prices and Discounts

There’s no reason to hide the fact that I personally love this writing service, and one of the main reasons is its prices. This company offers low prices, with the cost of simple papers starting at only $10 per page. Of course, dissertations are more expensive, but they also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A Ph.D. dissertation costs $33 per page but you can pay fewer thanks to discounts and promo codes. You can easily get a 5% to 10% discount, and you can also use a promo code with your first order to get an 11% discount once.

I’ve already mentioned that the design of this website should be updated, and I can also say that this design is the main flaw of this writing service. The website features a bunch of tables and bullet points so it can be difficult to navigate. However, it still contains all the information a new user might need. Affordable prices definitely make this site a good option for students.

How Good the Writers Are?

The writers’ professional level is always important for students. However, first of all, I’d like to address another thing all students care about, which is plagiarism. Is custom dissertation writing cheating? The answer is yes and no because ordering your paper from somebody definitely isn’t what your professor expects from you. However, the only way to understand whether or not your paper is authentic is to check it for plagiarism. Therefore, if you purchase a well-written, unique paper, nobody will be able to accuse you of academic dishonesty. Besides, you can order certain parts of your dissertation and write all the rest yourself. In this case, you will simply use a writing service for assistance. Moreover, you may order samples of papers and use them to learn how to write academic papers properly. In this case, using such companies will have nothing to do with cheating, at all.

When I used DissertationWritings.com, I ordered the Discussion and Methods sections. Obviously, I needed original content with no plagiarism, and I also needed a well-trained writer capable of writing papers of such a high complexity level. Once the delivery time came, I received a notification that reminded me that I can request a revision for free. Both chapters turned out to be well-written, and all quotes were properly attributed. The best thing about this paper was that the writer managed to mimic my writing style so the chapters I’ve ordered online looked as if I wrote them. Therefore, I was happy to realize that my professor will never notice the difference between my content or that written by the writer on the internet.

The writer carefully followed all of my instructions and put a lot of effort into the research part. Both Methods and Discussion sections were detailed and contained all the necessary information. The writer described all the measurements that I’ve obtained when doing my research and presented them in a coherent manner. She followed all the rules of academic writing while also making sure that the paper will be easy to comprehend. My writer also discussed my findings from the Analysis section and explained all the background information that was necessary for the understanding of my research.

My writer definitely had prior experience in writing on my topic because she included many relevant facts and made the paper really interesting to read. She managed to connect different parts of my dissertation so that there was no visible difference between her sections and those written by me. Moreover, there was a perfectly smooth flow of thought. She illustrated the connection between my findings and evidence from other sources, and all the sources used were properly cited. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable writing service that won’t make you worry about plagiarism, this is definitely a nice option. The most interesting thing about this service is that my order had a really tight deadline, and yet the writer managed to do a great job.

Customer Support

Some writing services tend to overlook the importance of having a reliable customer support service. DissertationWritings understands that proper customer service is impossible without good support, and its support service is outstanding. You can call the support team 24/7 and ask any questions. If you need any help, these support representatives will quickly provide all the necessary assistance. The support team can also help you get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the paper you’ve purchased here. This website is also 100% confidential so you can be sure that no one will know that you’ve used it instead of writing everything yourself.

Is It Trustworthy and Reliable?

Yes, certainly. I’m completely satisfied with what I’ve got, and I don’t regret choosing this website. I know that the writing industry is full of scammers so there’s no surprise that students are always careful when ordering their papers online. I was also careful and I wasn’t sure that DissertationWritings is trustworthy. However, I changed my mind once I received my order because everything was well-written and properly formatted. This website has everything you may ever need: good writers, affordable prices, free revisions, and different payment options. You can pay for your order with a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card, and wait until your perfect paper is ready. I like this service, and recently I found out that a few of my friends also use it.

The Verdict

Dissertation Writings is a great choice when it comes to custom writing. No matter how difficult your order is, these writers will do their best to deliver the best paper possible, as soon as possible. Honestly, I’m still not sure how this company manages to deliver this quality of writing while also keeping its prices affordable. Most companies that have such professional writers also have much higher prices. Given that this website also has a great support team, DissertationWritings.com is a great solution for everyone who needs an original, well-written, and properly formatted academic paper delivered on time.

The only disadvantage of this website is its dated design. The website contains all the necessary information but it isn’t good-looking, and neither is it easy to use. If you’re in a hurry and you’ve never used writing services before, you won’t be able to make an order quickly because you will need some time to figure out how everything works. The design of this site is the only reason why I rate it 4.9 out of 5.

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