Are Online Essay Writing Services Safe?

What Should I be Warn About When Ordering an Essay Online?

Though essay writing services are functioning for a while now, many still aren’t sure if it is safe to order papers from essay writing services online. No doubt, both cases are possible. Let’s talk about it so you can finally define for yourself what a custom essay writing company is and if you should cooperate with one. 

To start, it is necessary to say that essay writing services aren’t always reliable and legal. Moreover, we know about some cases when a contract with essay writing services is a really bad idea and isn’t considered a safe way to get help. Here they are.

  1. Ofqual’s is on duty

Despite professional essay writing services delivering essays written from scratch and free of plagiarism, it is very likely that a student can be deceived and receive an essay of an extremely low quality. There are many frauds on the market that deliver not what you expected. The essay can be easily full of grammar mistakes or written completely of the subject. 

Due to The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England investigation no matter how high the price for the essay is, essay writing services regularly fail their customers not sticking to their obligations

  1. Cases of reselling papers

Here is the real example of an essay writing service that doesn’t stick to its obligations and yet stays in business. There are confirmed cases of reselling custom essays by After a while, this company sells already given essays to new customers. It is more likable for topics that are in high demand among students. 

It is absolutely irremissible as there is a clear point in the company’s contract terms that a client receives an original and unique essay paper. 

  1. Disappointing customer support

It is one of the most widespread problems many customers experience when having business with untrustworthy essay writing services. Such services provide clients with a wretched troubleshooting practice. Sometimes, they don’t even offer you a revision and refuse to return your money if there are obvious signs of plagiarism in the essay. is a vivid example of such a poor service. They don’t respond at a proper time, don’t want to discuss any misunderstanding between the writer and the client that might occur, and refuse to even talk about the money back option. 

Learn more about the websites by reading reviews and feedback on review platforms, like SiteJabber. But it is better if you’ll do it in advance before ordering a paper so there will be time to make a considered decision.

  1. Investigation by one of Duke University’s professor

If you want to prove to others something, the best way to do it is to present a practical case. Dan Ariely, Duke University’s professor, decided to try one of the essay writing services to see what they can offer. 

He ordered a 12 page paper for a psychology class. He specified the details (in a way that only a professor can do), pay in advance, and order a paper. The essay writing service had two weeks to complete the task. It is enough time to write an outstanding essay. 

But when the professor received a paper, he was absolutely shocked. There were no strong arguments, it was written in a poor language, badly structured, and was a piece of garbage in general. 

This is what might happen if you decide to contact some unreliable essay writing service. 

  1. BBC investigates  

This is a fresh way to attract clients to essay writing service – YouTube Influencers recommendations. No need to say how popular video bloggers among youth and students. They do whatever the bloggers say. So, it was a jackpot for EduBirdie company that exploited such an idea.

However, when you use such a popular channel, it can attract not only potential customers, but media giants, too. BBC made an investigation. And it turned out that the EduBirdie essay writing service whose head office is situated in Ukraine uses hundreds of fake personalities to promote its services. 

Like the professor from Duke’s University, BBC journalists order an essay from EduBirdie. And the result wasn’t a surprise. The essay was given a C, while it is stated on the website that they guarantee only A grade papers. 

So, even a huge and well-known essay writing service could provide poor service and break their promises. 

How to make sure the essay writing service is worth trust?

Unfortunately, many essay writing services are not reliable. But there are plenty of those who stick to their policies and do everything to leave their customer satisfied. Therefore, let’s talk about the questions each newbie essay writing company’s customer would have and provide the answers a legal service would give to them. 

  1. Is my privacy protected?

Of course, proceeding with the order from the essay writing place you will need to provide them with your personal details like name, email, or phone number. But the legal essay writing service only uses this information to contact you if needed and to confirm future transactions. Thus, all the information stays confidential and will never have been passed to third parties. 

  1. Will I receive the ownership of an essay?

It’s a tricky question. You have the right to do with the essay whatever you want, and a reliable essay writing service never uses it again for its own purposes. Nevertheless, there is a collision with the actual ownership right passing. While essay writing services can’t do it du jure, I assure you there is nothing to be nervous about. 

Essay writing service lets you use the college paper as you like and doesn’t claim the work is theirs. 

  1. Will I receive an essay written from scratch, or could it be a template essay?

If the essay writing service is registered, professional and reputable then your essay will be written from scratch. However, always remember there are frauds who deliver template essays to their customers. And there is no real chance to fight with them. Just watch out!

  1. Am I protected when paying online? 

Sure, your payments are absolutely secured. 

  1. Is it possible to get blackmailed by the writer?

There is a tiny chance if you have business with a freelance writer. But if you are cooperating with the trustworthy essay writing service and hire a writer who works for them, then you can be confident no unpleasant consequences will follow. 

  1. I want to choose the writer. Is there such an option?

Yes, there is. Particularly, such an option is available on websites that use a bidding system. A client can also ask the writer for a discount. Sometimes, it could be cheaper. But it doesn’t always turn out well. 

It is not easy for a random student to find an appropriate writer fast, so the majority leaves it to the essay writing service. 

  1. Will the service use my paper again after it is delivered to me?

No, it has no right to do it. As soon as you get your paper, it is yours to use, so no reliable service will sell your paper after submitting it to you. 

  1. Should I narrow my search to specific topics, like application essay writing service?

Some students prefer to do it. They suggest it saves time and increases the chances to get a good paper. 

However, it is a kind of delusion. When you are looking for essay help, first of all, look for the reliable essay writing service; the one with good reviews, spotless reputation and hundreds of satisfied customers. 

If you seek premium quality, choose the most experienced writers and make your order in advance. This is what matters. 

  1. Will I be caught on plagiarism if made use of an essay writing service? 

You might be, but not necessarily. 

If you take a paper written by someone else and submit it as your own, it is a form of plagiarism. And no essay writing service recommends doing it. 

If you use an essay writing service to know what to start with, to make your essay sound solid, or just edit your paper, there is nothing to worry about. No law forbids using essay writing places. 

  1. What are the hacks to avoid getting caught?

Actually, there are not many hacks. As we mentioned above, do your research. Do not make use of the first website you have found on the Internet. Read the reviews, search for the company’s history, and pay great attention to the order forms. 

If your research is thorough and detailed-oriented, then you are almost definitely safe and can forget about such things as being caught. 

Thus, the essay writing services are safe and worth trust if you pay enough attention to the company you are going to sign the contract with. 

What else can you do to find the essay writing service you can rely on?

How to Make Sure the Essay Writing Service is Reputable and Safe?

In the ocean of different experiences and opinions, how can I know the essay writing service is trustworthy?

Obviously, all essay writing services differ. That’s why I talk so much about doing research. Sometimes, it has to be deep research that takes a while. 

Here, at IHateWritingEssays we want to ease this for you and offer you a list of the most reliable essay writing services for free. We want you to succeed and feel safe. And we aim to provide the best service, not the first one you have googled on your own in 2 minutes. 

We know there is a lack of time, always. So, we earn your trust this way, by giving you what you need the most in the first place. 

We do the research for you not only by analyzing data online, but ordering papers from the different essay services to make sure you’ll get a good one. 

We investigate this issue for a long time now, and have a strong belief that a reliable essay writing company must meet the following criteria: 

– Deeply explores topic before the writing stage

– Guarantees direct and honest communication between the client and the writer

– Has the service of proofreading or editing the draft

– Pays great attention to the structure and grammar while preparing the essay

– Sticks to required citation style and formatting

– Delivers unique paper free of plagiarism

– Offers spotless customer support

– Delivers a custom paper only as a model essay 

If you will use this check-list before making an order, it is most likely you’ll find a legal and legitimate essay writing service that is safe to use. Sure, there is always an exception, but if you invest your time in research, the chances you’ll meet the fraud tend to zero.