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Hi there! My name is Huyen Thanh. Master’s degree holder. As you may see I am ESL student, and it’s quite difficult for me to avoid grammar mistakes.

When I was a student I had to write loads of paper works and that was very stressful for me, as I am not a writer, I am a thinker. I wasn’t decent at essay writing, and I hated it when I had to make my essay long enough to meet the requirements, so I just repeated the concepts and it became redundant and even more poor.

“An academic essay” is a pretty interesting phenomenon. Rather being an outlet for the US students to showcase their thinking and writing ability and express their interest in their subject, it has turned into “forced commodification or utter construction of trauma” as my friend Aoife once said.

So instead of spending my time on studying Discrete Structures and Graph Theory, Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques, or at least Theory of Automaton and Formal Languages, I had to suffer from sleepless-essay-writing-tortures on Civil War or other subjects that won’t be in hand in my future.

So once (back in 2016) I decided to delegate proofreading process to another person or company. First I asked Twitter if it is considered to be a plagiarism to proofread my essay. Some of my friends said that it may be considered as an academic dishonesty. Some people even think it is “akin to murder“. But I decided to try it anyway, so I went digging into thousands of pages of rubbish to find the truth about essay writing services, proofreading services etc. to find the one that will be trustworthy. And I found one, I ordered the paper and… was scammed! The paper I received was helplessly childish, full of stupid mistakes and cost me over 100 USD. Read more about that case here. As a result, I’ve lost my money, my time, my nerves.

I was angry as a bull! So I started to post negative reviews on that company wherever I could. But I was very surprised when I saw in a week that all my reviews were erased or were buried under faken-positive comments about that company.

Short story long, I started to research such “best”-essay-writing-services-written-by-natives. Googled about it, read lot’s of sources, such as: essayscam, closed boards, etc. Checked them by my own, and now I am eager to share all these knowledge with you, as I don’t want it to be lost forever. And maybe, it will help some of you to realize that it’s better to spend time by writing essay by your own, then to jeopardize your reputation, money, and health. Stay calm and keep writing your essays!

Huyen Thanh
Huyen Thanh

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2 years ago

Did you graduate in Virginia State?

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