9 mistakes newbies make while choosing essay writing services

You might be thinking if you have decided to use the essay writing service, you are not responsible anymore. It is true for the work on your college papers. Writing them is not your business from this moment. But asking these special services for help, you act as a customer. And this social role demands you to think well. 

To not mess up with all the process a customer needs to know his/her rights perfectly. Let’s learn what mistakes newbie essay writing services users make in the beginning and find out how to avoid them. 


What mistakes can be made if a deadline is a thing everyone knows the exact meaning of? This is the case when knowledge doesn’t help, but makes things worse. 

For you, the deadline is the time you have to submit your paper to your professor. For the writer that will be responsible for your assignment, it is the time by which he/she has to finish his/her work. There has to be some more time before his/her deadline and yours. As you need to accept the paper, read it, check if your main expectations were met. 

Yes, there are services that can write your essay in a very short time. But it is urgent and doesn’t fit everyone. 

When putting a deadline, be extremely precise. Do not be the one who will put you through a very difficult situation.


If a service provider has an option from which you can benefit do not neglect using it. The essay writers are professionals, but they are not perfect. They could be perfect for one student, and not so perfect for another. We differ. Each writer might understand your instructions differently. 

Be very specific when talking about the requirements, listing your instructions. Express them as plainly as possible so there are no misunderstandings in the end. 

Still, if you have received your paper and it is not what you expected, order a revision. It is free on most of the essay writing platforms and will take a short time usually. It is the feature that saves your money and helps services to understand customers’ requests better. It is a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Google it

Before placing your first order, google the essay writing website you have chosen. There are different types of essay writing companies. Professional services that provide you with the college assignment help hire the best writers and specialists, and build the customer service everyone is satisfied with. As a rule, such services work for at least 5 years and have plenty of good reviews everywhere on the web. 

Others just want to take advantage of your weak position. They offer a lot but deliver nothing. They could have nice websites, good points on review platforms, but stay frauds anyway. Luckily, it is pretty easy to track them down. 

Carry out the research before entrusting your college paper to someone. Not all essay writing services are the same. Make an informed decision. 

Try something new once in a while

Sticking to a person, shop, service we like is absolutely normal behavior for each of us. Our brain always tends to make things easier, to algorithm everything it can. We need to accumulate resources for possible challenges and don’t want to make unreasonable efforts. 

If you have found an amazing essay writing service that never failed you, that delivers great papers, provides outstanding customer support, then probably you shouldn’t change something. It is hard to find something that good, so it is better to stick to it. 

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the service you get completely and you have a couple of complaints, try something new. Conduct new research; ask your friends’ opinions, read the reviews. Give other essay writing services a chance to show what they can offer. From time to time, there is a new star in this field and you can miss it being conservative. 

Being unrealistic

When ordering a paper, the first thing you have to keep in mind it has to sound like you wrote it. Imagine if you are a foreign student and submit a paper that is written in pure flawless English. It is too good to be yours. And your professor will definitely grasp it. 

Sure, if you pay, you want your paper to be excellent. It should be but considering your actual level. Do your best to evaluate your level adequately. It has a direct impact on your success.

Lack of communication skills 

Not all the services offer such a feature as direct contact with the writer. It is not easy to organize technically and could distract the writer from his work which can impact the outcome. Usually, such essay writing services offer you to contact a third person, a customer specialist that will pass your instructions to the writer. This way, your communication skills don’t matter at all. 

But if there is an option that allows you to write to your writer directly, use it and do it well. If you add new requirements, ask if a writer understood everything, express your expectations vividly; be bold and honest. This will help the writer to submit the paper you need from the first try. 

Have your voice 

Write reviews. Share your experience despite whether it is good or bad. Be the one who helps others to find that essay writing service they need faster. 

It is a well-known fact that people don’t tend to leave reviews if the experience was satisfying. Be an exception. Share your thoughts on the service you have received. Students from all over the world are waiting for your voice.

Take one step at a time

If you need to assign plenty of papers on different subjects, think twice before doing it. Yes, it seems so easy to do. You find a reputable essay writing service, assign everything you have to be done, and wait. 

Sometimes, essay writing service has superb term paper writers, or professional mathematicians to deliver you a flawless algebra assignment. But at the same time, this service might be a bit weak in philosophy essays or book reviews. 

Order one paper at a time to prevent regrets and take the right conclusions.

Learn the risks and your college policy

Before contacting any essay writing service, get familiar with your college policy on plagiarism or cheating. Keep in mind that the majority of colleges have very strict rules regarding these questions. 

Always be aware of your risks and cooperate with the essay writing service responsibly.

Everything new scares us. It is very hard to take the first step. But if you are prepared properly your chances to succeed are very high. 

Make use of our list to feel confident in any relations with academic writing services you’ll ever have.