10 easy steps to choose a reliable service

10 Secrets No One Told You About

As the demand for essay help is rising these days, so is the number of writing companies. That is why, one can truly get lost in the midst of all the so-called ‘best’ and ‘top’ essay services. If you’re having troubles yourself trying to figure out who you can trust, this article is just what you need. We have singled out the key criteria and effective tips on how to choose a trustworthy company.

Why More and More Students Are Turning To Essay Writing Companies?

Before we get down to business, let’s clarify why more and more students need academic help. Have we become more stupid or lazy? Neither of these. The reasons why learners feel the urgent need to ask for assistance with their assignments are different. However, three most common include: assignments overload, juggling work and studies, and the need to prioritise tasks.

Needless to say that we’re living in the era of ever-changing environment, so the institutions are trying to include as many information as possible in their curriculum. As the result, students just get overwhelmed to deal with all the assignments. What is more, many learners have to work to pay for their studies. Finally, some subjects are just, let’s be honest, useless. So, why can’t one order this task online, and focus on the paper that is more important?

What Are the Risks of Ordering Your Paper Online?

Unfortunately, with the rising demand for custom papers, more and more scams are entering the market trying to deceive gullible learners. A student may pay for nothing, receive a low-quality paper, or worse, a plagiarised one – all causing failure at the course or even getting expelled. 

Wait a minute, if it sounds so bad, why so many people keep on turning to essay writing services? Well,  it’s because they know which company to turn to, and now you’ll know it as well. Check out these 10 tips and secrets below.

10 Secrets on How to Choose a Reliable Writing Service

  1. Don’t Fall For a Cheap Trick

First and foremost, if you’ve found a service that offers a one-hour help for the cheapest rates, you can be absolutely sure it’s a scam. An assignment can be done fast, but it can’t be cheap, as it requires a well-experienced professional who knows a thing or two about academic writing.

  1. Read Reviews Smart

It’s not enough to read online reviews, you should do it smart. If there is positive feedback only, it’s not detailed and sounds like ‘Good job, thanks’, it’s likely these reviews are fake. What is more, genuine reviews are specified and varied. As real people are different, so should be the reviews.

  1. Thoroughly Examine the Guarantees

A good company is client-oriented and provides guarantees to protect the customer. Money-back guarantee and privacy policies are the essentials to have a look at. What is more, a respectable service crafts paper from scratch, so they must have 100% unique content guarantee. To ensure this, they are to provide their clients with anti-plagiarism report. Plagiarism issue isn’t a joke, as institutions are very strict when it comes to this matter.

  1. Have a Look at Their Website

Don’t hesitate to scroll through the website of a company. Does it have a good design? Is it easy to navigate? Does the language sound natural? All these details may help you detect a poor quality service, as reliable companies care about the reputation and invest tons of money into their websites.

  1. Get Familiar with Their Samples

The majority of trustworthy writing companies offer samples of their works, so that clients can familiarize themselves with the style and quality they offer. In case a company doesn’t provide sample works, they may have the feature of providing you with a draft of your paper. This is how you can determine whether you like the quality or not, whether the assigned writer has a good grasp of English, or it is some ESL learner crafting your paper from somewhere in Kenya.

  1. Contact the Support Team

A trusted company has a 24/7 customer support team that is ready to solve your matter any time. For this reason, before ordering a paper online, why don’t you try to contact the support team first? See how they respond, and how they treat you as a potential client. Feel free to ask the questions that are troubling you regarding your assignment.

  1. Ask if They Can Write Any Style

There are various formatting styles required by different institutions. For this reason, a professional writer is perfectly apt at crafting tasks in any style. Ensure that the company you want to turn to is able to write your paper following any of the formatting requirements.

  1. Find Out Whether They Can Mimic Your Style

You’re probably aware of the fact that institutions are investing money in fighting with plagiarism and students ordering assignments. Such software like Turnitin, is designed to detect whether the paper corresponds with your writing style. That is why, expert composing companies have the service to mimic your writing style. In other words, you send a few works of yours, the writer examines your style and then copies it. This is how the paper you order looks like it’s written by you.

  1. Talk To Your Friends

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, whether they’ve used some essay companies and can recommend you some. The word of mouth is always one of the leading advertisement means.

  1. Be Skeptical and Analytical

Finally, remain skeptical towards any information you’re reading on the Internet, including essay writing services. Ordering your essay is no different from buying anything else online, listen to your guts and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s because it probably isn’t.